Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, August 25, 2014

We Need The Members!

My email this week will reflect my main thoughts about Missionary work since I have arrived in my new area.

As I have been racking my brain about what we can do to help the members share the gospel, it has overcome my thoughts. Last night my companion woke up in the middle of the night to me yelling in my sleep, "WE NEED THE MEMBERS!" and that is exactly right, missionaries everywhere need the members to assist them in this work. We cannot do it simply by tracting anymore, we need you, all of you, to share the gospel, open your mouths, and invite invite invite.
When we think about the blessings in our lives, I am confident in saying most of you can refer it back to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are thousands around us who need what we have. They are your coworkers, neighbors, in your homes, and your closest friends. Open your mouth and share the gospel.  Heavenly Father expects us to do so. The phrase, "Ask the missionaries, they can help you," rings more and more true. The Lord trusts the missionaries to send them in the field, so as members, you should trust them to teach their loved ones. This is a great work, and we are not a missionary church and we are not a member church. We are a MEMBER MISSIONARY church. May we always remember the doctrine of Christ and how it has blessed us and help to bless others.  I pray that we ALL can be successful together and return to live with our Heavenly Father again.
This week was better because we had the car we actual felt successful. We made it a goal to talk to every single person we saw and it proved to be good.  No solid investigators yet but good potentials that we will continue to follow up with. It was in the three digits for temp all this week, One day it hit 112 degrees and I thought "this is not okay! Who would live here!" Of course then I remembered most people stay inside on days like that... We had 3 appointments that all fell through. Wardella, our only investigator, is a good lady but doesn't have the desire to know if what she is learning is true. We have just been trying to find, find, find. Which, since the members don't do missionary work, that means tract tract tract in the heat. But this week was Stake Conference and Saturday night was all about Hastening the Work. I was praying that it would spark something in the members to share the gospel. President Vest spoke and said "Members are too be full time finders, while Missionaries are full time teachers." I wish so badly members throughout the church could see the importance of that concept. Tracting just isn't working anymore and we need their help. When I am home from the mission, I will have a whole new approach with the missionaries to help them. So this next week, we are going to get into their homes and challenge them and help them set goals to share the gospel with their friends. Our first attempt last night was the same stuff we always hear, "Our friends are all so comfortable, we don't know anybody who would accept the gospel." We challenged them anyways, promised them blessings, and left them 4 pamphlets to handout. I am just praying as we are diligent with the members that we will be able to see the success.

Extra prayers will be needed this week, as we don't have the car and its going to be really hot. We will be on foot, or attempting bikes again, and probably tracting alot. We did find an investigator this week named Casey and he actually was the first one since I've been here that has seemed happy to talk to us and asked us to come back this Sunday.  I was talking to another sister in the zone yesterday and she told me how tough this area really is.   She's been here for 4 months and has never had 1 progressing investigator. . we are hopeful!
I went on exchanges with Sister Mohena this week. It was an answer to prayer! She has served in Indian Creek before. She is straight from Tonga and she helped me understand the people and the area better.  She was so funny. When I was discouraged she would make a joke and we would just laughLaughter is the best medicine!

Sister Mohena
I love you all.  Sister Flink

Monday, August 18, 2014

"Let the spirit ease your mind."‏

As a missionary it his hard to explain all that happens in a week, and of course you focus on the good highlights. And I have come to learn that until you have BEEN in the mission field, it is hard to understand what a mission life is truly like.
As I was praying for extra strength and guidance this week, my mind was reflected upon the temple. I immediately called a member and asked her if we could go, soon after I called President and I was expecting hesitation, but he was totally cool with it and gave us the go ahead. Nothing huge or revelatory happened that day, just the peace and comfort I needed was brought to my heart. Which at this point, is huge for me in and of itself. Then we had Zone Conference on Friday which was all day, lots of trainings and instructions, just more motivation. Yeah! President shook my hand and said, "Sister Flink, keep up the good work, and keep looking up." What a good guy!

 I got to see Sister Moody. So basically I got to hang out with my other half and had a good talk about missionary work.. The whys, whens, and how's and a good cry of course! It was exactly what I needed! (I'm a girl I know)
Moody Hugs!
Sister Ray, Sister Moody and ME! 

And on the way home we were at a stoplight and jumped out of the car to give a homeless man a BOM. I said, "Sir, I don't have money. But I have a picture of your savior Jesus Christ and a book that has the power to change your life." And THAT moment was more revelatory for me than it ever could have been for him. As those words came out of my mouth I thought, "This is the thing that truly matters. This guy is homeless, probably has nothing going for him, but yet, I KNOW this gospel could change something for him. I have that hope." I walked back with a smile and drove home. 

Oh best thing ever! Cheryl and Joseph, my recent converts from Cameron came and surprised me at church yesterday! They came to Kansas to see me! They are preparing to be sealed in the temple.. Nothing better!
Best Surprise EVER- I love Cheryl and Joseph!
We have yet to find any investigators, but this week will be a miracle week. I am sure of it. My good friend T brown said something miraculous (yes... Tyler did.) he said, "the mission is suppose to break us, completely and utterly kill all kind of pride and everything that we have so that we can rely on God more. its just what God wants for us :)"  Simple as that! And yet, I am SO happy, so completely happy to be doing the Lords work and be on his errand. You know, I figure the EASY part is to get discouraged, the hard part is to put a smile on your face and keep going, and the Lord knows that. Yet, that is what is expected. So just go and do. Nephi Style.
Love Serving on Tuesdays
Nothing better than cuddles from a baby goat!
Here is a picture of our area... on foot.... the little black circle in the right hand corner is where we live.
I love you all. Have a grrreeat week!  

All My Love ~  Sister Flink

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Shall We Falter Or Shall We Finish?‏

Well friends, another week down in Lenexa. Its crazy to think I'll be going into my 3rd week here. Yet its totally believable. Been a refining process with lots of stress, tears, and sweat. And you know what's awesome about being a missionary,  you can say that we know how Moroni felt, we know how Peter felt, how Ammon felt, and how the Sons of Mosiah felt.  We know it because we are in the battle side by side, fighting with our might for our Savior and for his atonement.  Although life may be tough, the atonement was tougher. And he is our advocate, our mediator, and he knows exactly how we feel.

Thanks for the package of PURE JUNK FOOD this week. it has been enjoyable. (: except.. no more, I get enough of it. Care packages must insist of... EFY cd's, clothes, knick knacks, pictures, and maybe a little junk food.  HaHa just kidding it was great. Thank you so much.
My August Package!  July Package was Mrs Fields Cookies!
We actually had an investigator at church! Holy cow! I went from having six a week at church to none and i was devastated, but Wardella came! And she enjoyed it. We are meeting with her this week and I am praying we can set her with a baptismal date.
Highlight of the week: We found a cute little free library that people put books in. We wrote in a Book of Mormon, "Read and pray about this book, it will change your life." We went back a few days later and someone took it and we replaced it with another one.
We had a life changing Zone Training this week, it really set the course for these next few weeks, Heavenly Father knew I needed it. It refreshed my mind, recomitted my heart, and gave me the dilligence I needed.
We also had a mini missionary this weekend. When we got the call my first intial thought was, "Heavenly father, I am in a new area with a new missionary, and we have no appointments, nothing planned, and you are sending a mini missionary for three days. I dont know what potential you think I have but I am not seeing it.." I repented because we had a great weekend. No appointments, but we met some great people and did service. She said it was an amazing experience and I felt relieved like I had done my job.
Sister Joshlyn Manning and my new PJ's!
Sometimes that what Heavenly Father wants to see, If we will simply just strive to "do our job" with faithfulness and diligence.
I know this church is true, and it will bless our live more than you will ever know. Embrace it and cherish it.
“All those who journey, soon or late,
Must pass within the garden’s gate;
Must kneel alone in darkness there,
And battle with some fierce despair.
God pity those who cannot say:
‘Not mine but thine’; who only pray:
‘Let this cup pass,’ and cannot see
The purpose in Gethsemane.”
I love you all!
Sister Flink

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Week Was Slow, The Work Is Slow!

Hello All!
Not super tons to say today except the fact that I love and appreciate every single one of you. The work is slowly, but surely, moving along and we will have miracles this next week. Count on it! My Zone is great!  We are volunteering at a place called "Deanna Rose Farmstead" every Tuesday!
Left to Right:  Sister Hansen, Sister Mcling, Sister Flink, Sister Colledge
Sister Hansen
We live in a pretty nice apartment complex.  Our apartment is right by the pool where people are always partying, playing music ...makes me mad  haha!! You know how I love the sun, music and laying out by the pool! 
Highland Ridge Apartments- Overland Park Kansas
Guess what! My Bishop served here in Independence 30 years ago.  I think Dad knew him.  Elder Ash!  Also, some sweet lady came up to me at church who knows Julie Clark and said hi to me!  One of Julie Clark college roommates, it was so fun!

Its been a long week and when I say long I mean I have never experienced time so slow before. We were on foot this week, and of course we don't get to far when it takes 45 minutes just to walk to our area, we live outside. We want to be able to work with the members and less actives but they all basically live on the other side of our area and there is no possible way we could get there on foot or bike. There is multiple freeways in between and it takes 20 minutes just to get to the church. Yet, we have a part time car, its kind of rough and I am just praying we can figure out how to be effective here. We finally got bikes though so thats good, we had quite a week trying to find one that sister colledge could even ride because she's so little.  I love her!

Yeah, I was wondering about letters.. I'm sitting here thinking "the one week I beg them to write me letters because I actually will NEED them, nobody writes." and I got really angry and then I got over it! haha I guess I'll just get a huge flood of letters this week.   I don't oppose that.  Guess I need to put the Apt # so I can get the letters.  Thanks for reminder MOM!

We were getting excited because we actually started having appointments, we had 5 in two days and every single one fell through. those were the 5 new ones from last week, but we will see if we can get in touch with them this week. We found a really solid girl to teach from street contacting and set an appointment with her and then she texted us an hour later and said she's not ready. We did get some service with some members this week though so we are glad about that. Problem is everyone turns down service, I'm about to just show up and say "I am called to SERVE for 18 months. I dont want to waste my time, can I please help you today?" Im considering that approach instead! haha.  I have never spent so much time on my knees pleading for help and guidance. I fasted yesterday for miracles and to find people who are REALLY ready to recieve the gospel. As we act in faith, I am confident that he Lord will provide. That is the trick, unfailing, unwaivering faith that he will provide when we work.

The Lord challenges us in different ways and on different days, sometimes weeks, sometimes months, but we are capable of much more than we think we are. I don't know HOW exactly the atonement of Christ works in our lives, but I know it does. I have felt its power and its strength lift me up. I have felt my Savior ease my mind and my burdens.

As a missionary we share the message of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we testify of the truthfulness of the prophet Joseph Smith and the divinity of the Book of Mormon. We invite others to come unto Christ, to partake of the sweetness of the everlasting gospel. But are we are truly converted ourselves? I challenge each of us to take a look at our lives, at our hearts, efforts, and thoughts and become truly more converted to the Savior and his gospel. PLEASE, pray for missionary opportunities. Share the gospel, it is a duty for each and every one of us, but it is not a burden, it is the happiest message the world has ever known. Share it and rejoice in it.
I love you all and have a fantastic week!  Send Letters!
Sister Flink