Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Aint In Cameron Anymore..‏..Meet Sister Colledge

Hey loved ones!
So first update, I got transferred out of my Cameron home. I am in Lenexa, Kansas.
Good-bye Sister Buckhave!  I am going to miss you!
I am follow up training a new missionary, Sister College. She is actually from Clearfield. She is 23 and she's a great missionary.

Meet Sister College from Clearfield Utah! Companion #3 
This week has not been the easiest, adjusting to a new area that is SO different. My area is extremely wealthy, I mean extremely. We are talking million dollar homes. I was over whelemed when I got here and I realized how slow the work is.  Frankly, I didn't even want to be here. When I realized how selfish and un-Christ like that thought was, I repented and got to work.  Not much luck but we will keep pressing forward. I have no investigators to talk about, but I will soon! With your prayers and hard work on my part. The ward is great out here, not great on their missionary efforts but great people.  We will get going on that as well. It is hard training a new missionary how to be an effective teacher when.. you don't have appointments or people to teach. But you do everything you can. I know the Lord is aware of me and this situation, and as I work hard and turn it over to him, he will take care of it. Like he said to Enoch, "All flesh is in my hands." So trusting him, means trusting in his timing. We may be here to see lots of success like in Cameron, or we may just be here to plant seeds, or we may never know. All we can do is be about the Lord's work and take it day by day. Thank you for all your prayers and support!

Please write me at my new address
11839 Perry St
Apt 1105
Overland Park, KS 66210
I love you and my prayers are always with you. May the atonement of Christ always be there to lift you up, because I promise, it will.   We will always find strength beyond our own. I don't know how the atonement of Jesus Christ works, but I know it does. May we always rely on him in the worst of times and the best. He loves us more than we can comprehend.  As do I!
Love, Sister Flink

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Called To Serve As A Trainer!

Good-bye Cameron! God be with you til we meet again! Lenexa, Kansas - Here I come!

The Call Has Come!

 Nikki will be transferred to a new area! Lenexa, Kansas.  It is in the central part of Johnson County, located in northeast Kansas.  Nikki doesn't know that I know yet, but thanks to all my new friends in Cameron, MO I know what my sweet missionary is doing.  I know Nikki will miss them all so much as they have taken such great care of her and loved her dearly!  I look forward to hearing all about her new area, her new companion, and her new adventure!

How I adore my sweet friend Travis Heldenbrand.  He always gave me such a hard tim

Wade Christensen
The Wilcox Family
Marni Ourth!
Going to miss Garrett Ourth and Abby!
Zinkand Family!
The Martin Family!
Sister Studyvin! She always sent me updates on Nikki and her daily life in Cameron!  It was greatly appreciated! 
Really gonna miss Sis Flink! These two make a great pair! - Alicyn Studyvin
Goodbye's are the hardest!  Cameron will always have a piece of Nikki's Heart!
So many emails came through to me last night with wonderful thoughts about these two amazing missionaries.  Thank you to the Wilcox Family, Woosley Family, Studyvin Family, Wade Christensen Family, the Galbriath Family, the Williams Family, the Gorringe Family and ALL those who fed, loved, and cared for the missionaries. Your sweet notes to me meant the world.  THANK YOU from a MOM in Utah who thinks about them every minute of everyday! Love to all in Cameron! Thanks for loving and caring for my girl!!  Keep watching over Sister Buckhave!  She is extremely special!

Press forward Sister Flink- there is work to be done in Lenexa!

Jill Flink (Sister Flink's Mom)


Sister Flink, you are hereby called as a Trainer.‏

Family and Friends! Another week down, can ya believe it?

Well - I have had a humbling week. I got a call on Friday to let me know that I have been called by the lord to train a new missionary that will be coming into the mission field. All day Saturday was spent in Independence at the trainers meeting at the mission home with President Vest. There is so many sisters that could be in my place and be fabulous trainers. I have been out 4 months, I don't even know what IM doing yet.. Unsure as to why I was picked out of 350 missionaries, I am humbled and grateful. So as inadequate as I feel, I will strive to fulfill the calling. For whom the lord calls, he qualifies, (I sure hope so.) I am not sure whether I will stay in Cameron and train or go somewhere else but I will know on Tuesday night when we get the call. I am excited and nervous. "A good trainer leads a future leader while leading." Pray for me!

Joseph Gardner was baptized this Saturday. What a wonderful day for the Gardner family. Joseph was ex-communicated years ago, and his wife was our baptism in June. Through seeing her faith and feeling the truthfulness of the gospel in his life again, he made the decision to join back into the fold of God. Beautiful isn't it? What a wonderful July we have had, 3 baptisms! Heavenly Father is so good to us.
We spent the day at the sacred land of Adam-ondi-Ahman today. No words can express the beauty
and peace of that holy land, I am privileged and blessed to be serving in Zion.

Preacher's Rock
This is the Rock that the Prophet Joseph Smith stood on to talk to the Saints that were camped
below in the valley.  You can stand on preacher rock and talk normal, and the valley projects
your voice or ampliphies it.  Everyone that comes to visit loves to stand on the rock.

Next week I will either be in a different area, or I will be in Cameron still with a new companion. Thank you for all your support!  I love each and every one of you.

Have a wonderful week.   Sister Flink

Monday, July 14, 2014

Abby Ourth Baptism!‏

Hey Hey Hey Friends and Fam and all I love!
Hope you all had a fantastic week, I know we did. Abby Ourth was baptized this Saturday - July 12th! The baptism was wonderful and the spirit was heavy in that room. She has waited so long for this day. It is amazing to see how a 13 year old girl can be so converted and have such a strong testimony of this gospel as she does. Her older brother, who was baptized 1 month ago, was able to baptize his little sister into the true church.  The spirit bore witness as she came up out of the water and they hugged one another and cried.  She is ready to begin this new journey. There is hardly words to express the real joy that comes from this marvelous work.
Abby Ourth and Her Brother!
I would like to share an experience that happened recently. Lately I have been really focusing on and praying for the heart to have Christlike love for all I meet, for our investigators, for the ward. As it been been center of my prayers this week, I was trying my best to act the way that Christ would. Last night I got what I asked for when we felt inspired to try seeing Travis, since he hadn't come to church yesterday. (investigator)  He came to the door and instantly it was obvious something was wrong. As we talked, he put his head down in disappointment and told us he had made some mistakes last night, and that he probably did everything that he wasn't supposed too. As he told us this, my eyes swelled with tears. It REALLY caught him off guard as he looked up and his eyes went really big and he said, "Sister Flink, are you crying? I've been trying so hard and I couldn't take another night in this house alone with nothing to do." He was thinking I was mad or going to lecture him. and it wasnt that, its that I felt the sadness in my heart, I felt Christ like love that I so desperately wanted. I just shook my head and said, "Travis, we are human. Even as members of the church we are not perfect, we break the commandments sometimes, we dont expect you to do this all in a day. We dont expect you to be perfect, but we do expect you to not give up. To have faith in the savior and faith in yourself that you can do this. and know that we care about you and we know this is possible." It was a moment of growth for me more than anything.  To get a glimpse of how our Heavenly Father and our brother Jesus Christ MUST feel when we don't live our lives in accordance with theirs.  It taught me that really caring for someone and their needs will get us farther than any doctrine we could ever teach or preach. Love and thoughtfulness are the key to any seed being nourished. I made Travis this sign and he hang it above his bed. (picture)
Thinking of Travis
We will be having Joseph Gardner's baptism this Saturday!   He is doing awesome. His faith has really grown  and he is ready to be baptized BACK into the church, after choosing another path for awhile. What an amazing thing!  I'll leave you with this,
"People have great worth, infinite worth. They too can grow strong with a little help from someone who cares."
The church is true, I know it will all my heart. Have a great week! 
Sister Flink
Our Mini missionary this weekend, her name is Laura Blanch!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

God is a God of miracles. Rachelle Crowell's Baptism!

The Woolsey family and Rachelle at the baptism

Baptism #2 - Rachelle Crowell

If I had the words to explain the joy of my heart it probably wouldn't be enough for you to understand. This week has been one of miracles, and Heavenly Father has truly been watching over us.  Rachelle's baptism went wonderful.  The spirit was there, she was excited, and her enthusiasm was evident to everyone that was there. It was one of those times where you are overwhelmed with gratitude of being a missionary, of bringing one soul into the true church upon the face of the earth, to lift them, and to help them endure. After her baptism, Rachelle wanted to bear her testimony.  She testified of Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and the restored gospel. One of the members leaned over and said, "Makes a mission worth it. doesn't it?" With tears in my eyes I just nodded. It so does!

Abby came up to us on Sunday and told us that her parents had finally agreed to let her be baptized. After much prayer on her and our behalf, the Lord softened her Mom's heart. Drum Roll.. Abby Ourth is getting baptized this Saturday, the 12th! We are so incredibly blessed, I am not sure if I have done much of anything to deserve the success,  but I sure am humbled and grateful. God is good.
Me and Abby Ourth!
One more miracle, we will be having a baptism on the 19th as well. Joseph Gardner was ex-communicated years ago and has regained his faith, his testimony, and is ready to come back into the fold of Jesus Christ and begin a new great life. His wife Cheryl, was our baptism last month, and as they have grown together. He is ready to make that commitment again and be faithful to it.  Missions are not about the baptisms.  It is about teaching, helping them understand, loving them and nourishing them with Christlike love. But I sure am humbled that Heavenly Father would entrust me with so many of these precious souls.   I pray that I can do all that he would have me do. So, three baptisms in a row this month! My gratitude is unexplainable and my joy is full. It was a great week and it is a great day to be a missionary.

Always,  Sister Flink

Mom~  Here are the answers to your questions:
  • When is transfers?  Transfers are on the 22nd, that's when we'll get the call.
  • Did Lisa say anything to you about my letter?  Lisa hasn't said anything about the letter, I'm sad.   Apparently she told the Gallatin elders she was going to another church now.

  • Larry commit to Baptism?  Larry is flakey. We haven't been able to meet with him.
  • Travis?  TRAVIS IS DOING AWESOME. he's on date for baptism for Aug 2nd, I wrote a really long letter today and told you all about it
  • What did you do for the 4th of July?   4th of July, we had a big ward breakfast and then we had zone training all day, which was fine because nobody wants to talk to us on holidays anyways. Then we had dinner at a members house and then talked with Travis! I missed you guys! 
    Wade christensen and Jordan Studyvin making the pancakes!
    Brother Pratt and I!

     Me and my bff Savanah Vanbrunt, love her!
    Mamma Vanbrunt and I!
  • Need anything???  I don't  think I need anything. I bought some weights today with that Walmart gift card because my arms are getting a bit flabby... I miss my gym!
  • Pizza delivery???  Seriously was about to  order you and Sister Buckhave Pizza on the 4th, but Dad said that you might not be home and they would leave it unless you were there to answer the door.  Then it got too late and I didn't want you to answer the door at 10:00 pm.  That scared me.  I want you lock up safe and sound!  That's so funny what you say about the pizza, I actually was craving it this week! we ordered some hahah. mistake, we ate the whole box. we eat really healthy though, besides member meals
    Yesterday was so cool. In sacrament all the members kept mentioning how grateful they were for the sisters, and it was good but i felt so bad for the elders. their heads just hung lower and lower.. the members REALLY love the sisters. it made me sad, the elders only had 2 dinners this whole month, we have one every night. pray for them.  :( They really are great!