Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Good-bye Cameron! God be with you til we meet again! Lenexa, Kansas - Here I come!

The Call Has Come!

 Nikki will be transferred to a new area! Lenexa, Kansas.  It is in the central part of Johnson County, located in northeast Kansas.  Nikki doesn't know that I know yet, but thanks to all my new friends in Cameron, MO I know what my sweet missionary is doing.  I know Nikki will miss them all so much as they have taken such great care of her and loved her dearly!  I look forward to hearing all about her new area, her new companion, and her new adventure!

How I adore my sweet friend Travis Heldenbrand.  He always gave me such a hard tim

Wade Christensen
The Wilcox Family
Marni Ourth!
Going to miss Garrett Ourth and Abby!
Zinkand Family!
The Martin Family!
Sister Studyvin! She always sent me updates on Nikki and her daily life in Cameron!  It was greatly appreciated! 
Really gonna miss Sis Flink! These two make a great pair! - Alicyn Studyvin
Goodbye's are the hardest!  Cameron will always have a piece of Nikki's Heart!
So many emails came through to me last night with wonderful thoughts about these two amazing missionaries.  Thank you to the Wilcox Family, Woosley Family, Studyvin Family, Wade Christensen Family, the Galbriath Family, the Williams Family, the Gorringe Family and ALL those who fed, loved, and cared for the missionaries. Your sweet notes to me meant the world.  THANK YOU from a MOM in Utah who thinks about them every minute of everyday! Love to all in Cameron! Thanks for loving and caring for my girl!!  Keep watching over Sister Buckhave!  She is extremely special!

Press forward Sister Flink- there is work to be done in Lenexa!

Jill Flink (Sister Flink's Mom)



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