Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Abby Ourth Baptism!‏

Hey Hey Hey Friends and Fam and all I love!
Hope you all had a fantastic week, I know we did. Abby Ourth was baptized this Saturday - July 12th! The baptism was wonderful and the spirit was heavy in that room. She has waited so long for this day. It is amazing to see how a 13 year old girl can be so converted and have such a strong testimony of this gospel as she does. Her older brother, who was baptized 1 month ago, was able to baptize his little sister into the true church.  The spirit bore witness as she came up out of the water and they hugged one another and cried.  She is ready to begin this new journey. There is hardly words to express the real joy that comes from this marvelous work.
Abby Ourth and Her Brother!
I would like to share an experience that happened recently. Lately I have been really focusing on and praying for the heart to have Christlike love for all I meet, for our investigators, for the ward. As it been been center of my prayers this week, I was trying my best to act the way that Christ would. Last night I got what I asked for when we felt inspired to try seeing Travis, since he hadn't come to church yesterday. (investigator)  He came to the door and instantly it was obvious something was wrong. As we talked, he put his head down in disappointment and told us he had made some mistakes last night, and that he probably did everything that he wasn't supposed too. As he told us this, my eyes swelled with tears. It REALLY caught him off guard as he looked up and his eyes went really big and he said, "Sister Flink, are you crying? I've been trying so hard and I couldn't take another night in this house alone with nothing to do." He was thinking I was mad or going to lecture him. and it wasnt that, its that I felt the sadness in my heart, I felt Christ like love that I so desperately wanted. I just shook my head and said, "Travis, we are human. Even as members of the church we are not perfect, we break the commandments sometimes, we dont expect you to do this all in a day. We dont expect you to be perfect, but we do expect you to not give up. To have faith in the savior and faith in yourself that you can do this. and know that we care about you and we know this is possible." It was a moment of growth for me more than anything.  To get a glimpse of how our Heavenly Father and our brother Jesus Christ MUST feel when we don't live our lives in accordance with theirs.  It taught me that really caring for someone and their needs will get us farther than any doctrine we could ever teach or preach. Love and thoughtfulness are the key to any seed being nourished. I made Travis this sign and he hang it above his bed. (picture)
Thinking of Travis
We will be having Joseph Gardner's baptism this Saturday!   He is doing awesome. His faith has really grown  and he is ready to be baptized BACK into the church, after choosing another path for awhile. What an amazing thing!  I'll leave you with this,
"People have great worth, infinite worth. They too can grow strong with a little help from someone who cares."
The church is true, I know it will all my heart. Have a great week! 
Sister Flink
Our Mini missionary this weekend, her name is Laura Blanch!


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