Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, September 29, 2014

When The Goin' Gets Tough, The Tough Get Goin.‏

The area is slow but is progressing gradually. I am grateful and humbled to say that we've been working hard, and Heavenly Father knows it and he is providing ways and he is softening hearts. Especially the hearts of the members that we have been praying and fasting for. Little things are happening; like being invited to family home evenings and helping us out with rides and little things. And because Heavenly Father knows we are trying SO hard to work with the members, its not our fault if they don't share the gospel, so he is providing investigators in other ways. Coming here from 2 months ago and seeing no teaching records and basically starting all over, I have been able to look back and see progress over time. And I know its because the Lord's way of missionary work is through the members.   So as long as we are trying and striving to do it that way, he will provide in other ways if he needs too.
We had an investigator leave a note (picture) on her doorstep this week telling us not to return, it was a bummer but we picked up our feet, and walked and said, "on to the next one heavenly father has for us."  and that has been the story of these past few months. To always look up and to keep walking, keep going.
Sister Colledge tells me I talk in my sleep every night. Last night apparently I woke up, turned the light on, and told her there was a snake in my bed and starting shaking my covers. I vividly remember climbing back in bed and then laughing hysterically afterwards because I had no idea what just happened.
I hate snakes!
We work frequently with a less active named Sally. She's a spunky little thing and loves having us. Since this area is slow and we often struggle to teach, I had an idea so that Sister Colledge could get teaching that we would take Sally through the discussions. It has been good and we hope we can keep doing it with other less actives.
The General Woman's Meeting was AWESOME. I AM STOKED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE. Its basically a holiday, or it should be. Go in with a question, pray for guidance and you will receive it. Growing up in the church you just don't understand the awesome concept of a living prophet and twelve apostles. Conference is special my friends and I will be taking notes for all ya'll.
 Sister Melissa Morris. She is my fashion diva!! We always laugh!
Sister Stenile (Mamma Steinle) bought us presents. 2 necklaces, a scarf, and a cute bookmark. I love that woman. She is the sweetest thing without a mean bone in her body. She takes good care of us.
We had an awesome moment with a man named Lawrence we have been trying to work with for awhile, he's just really flaky. We finally saw him and talked with him for an hour and a half and when we first got there he got tears and said, "thank you for not giving up on me." Sometimes we just need to be there to uplift and bless and do what the Savior would do.  The concept of getting "baptisms" to be successful is something I have let go. Although it does matter.

Well. I love you all. I hope you have a wonderful week!  I pray for happiness and safety often.

Until next week!
Sister Flink

Monday, September 22, 2014

"Doubt Not What Thou Knowest"‏

Family and Friends Whom I Love!
I hope you all had a fabulous week and a great Sunday yesterday. I have learned so much about the Sabbath day and the importance of the sacrament.  It is a sacred day! 

I love the time we spend serving at the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead as a Volunteer!  We get together once a week and have a blast!  It is always a good thing to forget about yourself and do something for others.  Never thought I would say that I love service, but I look forward to Tuesdays and seeing my fellow missionaries!  Love Sister Hansen!
This week was good! We've got some great investigators coming out of the wood works and things are actually starting to pick up. Lets pray it stays that way.
I want to share an experience I had this week. We had been tracting all day long and we decided to try a man in our Potentials named Randy. From the moment Randy stepped out of the door with his bible in his hands and the look on his face, I thought "Oh boy." and I was right. He bashed us for about an hour. And every time we'd try to leave or bear testimony he'd start going again. And you know the amazing part about the gospel, is the entire time he was talking, and he had some valid points to what he was saying, he's very knowledgeable with his bible and beliefs, but I stood there and the thing Heavenly Father wanted me to understand is the importance of a solid testimony. I stood there and the entire time I thought, "The church is so true. The church is so true, I wish you could know it." It didn't matter what he said, it didn't matter why he thought we were wrong, the more he talked, the more the spirit confirmed the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ to my heart. But YET,  I went home that night and I talked with God about it. I told him what happened, I expressed my thoughts and feelings and guess what I found myself doing? As much truth has confirmed to my heart, I still asked. I asked Heavenly Father like, I have done many times, if the church is true. And the experience I had was one I will never forget, immediately the words from a song played in my head as clear as day, and the words were profound.  
"Doubt not what thou knowest."
And yet again, a testimony is sealed with a power of the Holy Ghost. The truthfulness of the gospel continues to go forth. We have a loving Heavenly Father who is ready and willing to give us truth when we have a sincere heart. I'll leave you with a scripture that changed my week:
Romans 15:1
"We then that are strong, ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves."
Until next week, I love you all!  Have a great week!
Sister Flink 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Heavenly Father Is Aware!


That is the lesson this week, Heavenly Father is aware. He is aware of the struggles, he is aware of the heartache, he is aware of the things weighing on your mind, he is aware of your thoughts, he is aware of your intents, he is aware of your needs, wants, and desires, He is aware of YOU!

We went to Liberty Jail this week with a recent convert, Karie. It was awesome, of course. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, he accomplished what he did by the power and help of God. He could have never done it alone, he was a prophet, seer, and revelator, I know it. And I'll know it forever and leave that testimony with you. Like President Vest says, "We should never be ashamed to bear testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith."

In this picture I want to expound on the times in our life when we feel in bondage, that we are trapped. It is interesting how the Savior promises he will always be there looking through to comfort us. I promise you that is real, he is there and he loves you.

We had interviews this week, a tender mercy from Heavenly Father. I don't have much to update you on, one thing a guy said yesterday when I asked him if he had a family he said, "Oh my goodness. People always remind me, I NEED A WIFE! For heavens sakes, Jesus is coming back!" I shook my head and said with a smile, yes he is sir..

Bummer news: Our only investigator Brenda, who wanted to get baptized, is moving to Delaware next week. so we are pretty much back to square one.

Brenda's Son Jenai!
Sister Hansen from AZ
Sister Ray, Sister Colledge and I

My Zone

To all My Cameron Friends!  HELLO and I miss you!  May the Lord bless you until we meet again!

Hope you all enjoy your week!   Sister Flink

Monday, September 8, 2014

"Why should we think to earn a great reward, if we now, shun the fight?"‏

For the first time since I have been here I can safely say that we are actually working with someone, which feels SO good to actually be teaching again. I have been so mad thinking about how all my teaching skills are starting to diminish, role plays just aren't enough! Her name is Brenda, she is on baptismal date for Sept 27th. The Lord gave us a miracle when we came to her, when we first met her she said she didn't want to learn anymore, a few weeks later we ran into her again and asked again, the next night we taught her in a members home and we invited her to be baptized. She came to church this week and enjoyed it, and she has great fellowship. We are excited!

The Lord has so much for me to learn in this area, it has been the hardest transfer of my life but I know he is teaching me. Patience, trust, perseverance, long suffering, and love. This week I have focused all my thoughts and prayers to one thing: The Character of Christ. Who he is and was, What he would do, what he would say, what would be his thoughts, his responses, his attitude, his mannerisms. Though there have been many thoughts of, "Are you sure I can do this?"  I pray for the motivation to just always be happy regardless of a homesick companion, and feeling alone, simply because I am serving the lord. I know that is joy beyond anything else.

I feel like very slowly but surely that ward is starting to see and understand that we need them to help us in this work. It has been about growing relationships with them and letting them see that we love them, we love their family and friends, and we want to help them. I had a member come up to me in sacrament yesterday regarding a comment I made in Relief Society about how we NEED their help, he said, "You made a lasting impact on my wife that moved her to tears. We prayed as a family and set goals, we really need to do better sharing the gospel. Thank you." and I shook his hand and said, "We ALL need to do better, that's why we are here.  We can help you and you can help us! Great isn't it?"  

That put a smile on my face and found joy in the that little moment. Sometimes Heavenly Father uses others to give the message to our hearts of, "You are doing good. You're doing it in the way I want. Just keep going."
We ARE going to find those prepared. I know it. The teaching may be slow, the area might be difficult, the ward might be tough, but nothing is impossible for the Lord, therefore nothing is impossible to those who represent his name.
D&C 105: 14, "For behold, I do not require at their hands to fight the battles of Zion; for, as I said in a former commandment, even so will I fulfil—I will fight‍ your battles."  And he will.

I love you all so much. Read and pray EVERY day!

Sister Flink

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Dont forget to look up."‏

Hey Hey! Another week~
Well, the jist of mine and Sister Colledge's week was coughing, sniffels, and lots and lots of mucinex. Apparently their has been a nasty virus going around Kansas. Regardless, we went out and we worked. And we were blessed with some good days!

 Being in this area many times I have had to stop and think, "What does Heavenly Father need me to learn." and although the list is endless, I'm pretty sure it has to do alot with trust, perserverance, and patience!  Trusting in Heavenly Father and trusting in good things to come and trusting that he knows much, MUCH better than I. Last night we had a lesson (sister colledges first lesson ever) and we set Brenda on date for baptism.  Heavenly Father gave us a miracle.

On the Road Again! 
 I know Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us individually and Jesus Christ lives.  This is his church and his gospel. I know that he is preparing the world for his coming that we all may be prepared. I am grateful to be apart of his army~ 87,000 strong!
I love you all! I hit my 6 month mark this week so you all go and have a great week!
Look up and enjoy the music!
Love, Sister Flink