Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, September 29, 2014

When The Goin' Gets Tough, The Tough Get Goin.‏

The area is slow but is progressing gradually. I am grateful and humbled to say that we've been working hard, and Heavenly Father knows it and he is providing ways and he is softening hearts. Especially the hearts of the members that we have been praying and fasting for. Little things are happening; like being invited to family home evenings and helping us out with rides and little things. And because Heavenly Father knows we are trying SO hard to work with the members, its not our fault if they don't share the gospel, so he is providing investigators in other ways. Coming here from 2 months ago and seeing no teaching records and basically starting all over, I have been able to look back and see progress over time. And I know its because the Lord's way of missionary work is through the members.   So as long as we are trying and striving to do it that way, he will provide in other ways if he needs too.
We had an investigator leave a note (picture) on her doorstep this week telling us not to return, it was a bummer but we picked up our feet, and walked and said, "on to the next one heavenly father has for us."  and that has been the story of these past few months. To always look up and to keep walking, keep going.
Sister Colledge tells me I talk in my sleep every night. Last night apparently I woke up, turned the light on, and told her there was a snake in my bed and starting shaking my covers. I vividly remember climbing back in bed and then laughing hysterically afterwards because I had no idea what just happened.
I hate snakes!
We work frequently with a less active named Sally. She's a spunky little thing and loves having us. Since this area is slow and we often struggle to teach, I had an idea so that Sister Colledge could get teaching that we would take Sally through the discussions. It has been good and we hope we can keep doing it with other less actives.
The General Woman's Meeting was AWESOME. I AM STOKED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE. Its basically a holiday, or it should be. Go in with a question, pray for guidance and you will receive it. Growing up in the church you just don't understand the awesome concept of a living prophet and twelve apostles. Conference is special my friends and I will be taking notes for all ya'll.
 Sister Melissa Morris. She is my fashion diva!! We always laugh!
Sister Stenile (Mamma Steinle) bought us presents. 2 necklaces, a scarf, and a cute bookmark. I love that woman. She is the sweetest thing without a mean bone in her body. She takes good care of us.
We had an awesome moment with a man named Lawrence we have been trying to work with for awhile, he's just really flaky. We finally saw him and talked with him for an hour and a half and when we first got there he got tears and said, "thank you for not giving up on me." Sometimes we just need to be there to uplift and bless and do what the Savior would do.  The concept of getting "baptisms" to be successful is something I have let go. Although it does matter.

Well. I love you all. I hope you have a wonderful week!  I pray for happiness and safety often.

Until next week!
Sister Flink


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