Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, August 18, 2014

"Let the spirit ease your mind."‏

As a missionary it his hard to explain all that happens in a week, and of course you focus on the good highlights. And I have come to learn that until you have BEEN in the mission field, it is hard to understand what a mission life is truly like.
As I was praying for extra strength and guidance this week, my mind was reflected upon the temple. I immediately called a member and asked her if we could go, soon after I called President and I was expecting hesitation, but he was totally cool with it and gave us the go ahead. Nothing huge or revelatory happened that day, just the peace and comfort I needed was brought to my heart. Which at this point, is huge for me in and of itself. Then we had Zone Conference on Friday which was all day, lots of trainings and instructions, just more motivation. Yeah! President shook my hand and said, "Sister Flink, keep up the good work, and keep looking up." What a good guy!

 I got to see Sister Moody. So basically I got to hang out with my other half and had a good talk about missionary work.. The whys, whens, and how's and a good cry of course! It was exactly what I needed! (I'm a girl I know)
Moody Hugs!
Sister Ray, Sister Moody and ME! 

And on the way home we were at a stoplight and jumped out of the car to give a homeless man a BOM. I said, "Sir, I don't have money. But I have a picture of your savior Jesus Christ and a book that has the power to change your life." And THAT moment was more revelatory for me than it ever could have been for him. As those words came out of my mouth I thought, "This is the thing that truly matters. This guy is homeless, probably has nothing going for him, but yet, I KNOW this gospel could change something for him. I have that hope." I walked back with a smile and drove home. 

Oh best thing ever! Cheryl and Joseph, my recent converts from Cameron came and surprised me at church yesterday! They came to Kansas to see me! They are preparing to be sealed in the temple.. Nothing better!
Best Surprise EVER- I love Cheryl and Joseph!
We have yet to find any investigators, but this week will be a miracle week. I am sure of it. My good friend T brown said something miraculous (yes... Tyler did.) he said, "the mission is suppose to break us, completely and utterly kill all kind of pride and everything that we have so that we can rely on God more. its just what God wants for us :)"  Simple as that! And yet, I am SO happy, so completely happy to be doing the Lords work and be on his errand. You know, I figure the EASY part is to get discouraged, the hard part is to put a smile on your face and keep going, and the Lord knows that. Yet, that is what is expected. So just go and do. Nephi Style.
Love Serving on Tuesdays
Nothing better than cuddles from a baby goat!
Here is a picture of our area... on foot.... the little black circle in the right hand corner is where we live.
I love you all. Have a grrreeat week!  

All My Love ~  Sister Flink


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