Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, May 4, 2015

"The Lord Calls Us Because We Are Worthy, Not Because We Are Perfect."‏

My friends and those I love!
This week has been simply fantastic! Anthony was baptized and confirmed and is now the newest member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, what a blessing!
Joshua Mack and Anthony Bell on his baptism day - Saturday May 2, 2015
 In Anthony's baptismal interview when the district leader was asking him the questions. Anthony was dead serious and says, "No i haven't participated in a homosexual relationship, I lovvvveee the ladies way too much." and "No man, I'm just too pretty for Jail." haha! Anthony grew up in a very rough lifestyle, he has never had a family or people he felt like cared about him. After his confirmation he got up and bore his testimony for the first time, he explained how the gospel has changed him and how he finally feels like he has something to live for. How he has a family and people who care, and a Savior who loves him. It was a tender moment!
On our way to celebrate Anthony Big Day!
I guess this is my excited face!  I have no idea!  I get to talk to my MOM on Sunday!  That is what it is!
On Tuesday we blitzed the Warrensburg area, it was a long drive but it was successful! We were able to help them in their area and spend time with the Sisters we are over. 
 I was able to spend some time with the Ourth Family on Sat!  I love them!  We got to catch up and they came to the baptism and Marni just sat by me and we cried together. I love that family so much.  Darren, Brother Ourth said, "I want to give you a hug dang it! That's such a stupid rule." hehe!
The Ourth Family!  Abbey, Darren, Garrett, Marni, and ME!
What's up Abbey!
Brother Garrett, Abbey, Sister Hunt and I
Soon to be Elder Garrett!!
The Little Sister I always wanted and now I have one!
Thursday we went to BUFFALO WILD WINGS.. (for all my friends who don't have that in their mission, I enjoyed it for ya) so that was fun.
Last night we took Luis to the Liberty Jail after church, he loved it! He is getting baptized this next Saturday. He loves the gospel, he loves the church, I am excited for him to get started on this journey.
Things are wonderful! So many blessings and tender mercies are getting sent our way, I love this gospel so much. I thought this week about the natural man inside of all of us wanting to be in control, and the thought came to me, "Give up the illusion of control. Cause we are not really in control, we just like to think we are." I have learned so much on my mission that will shape the rest of my life, we have a will, and our will is not our fathers. Loving submission, obedience to the unenforceable, and increased consecration will change our very natures and empower us to give all we have to him. My favorite quote says, “submit to the hand of the Lord, … and acknowledge his hand in all things, … then you will be exactly right; and until you come to that point, you cannot be entirely right. That is what we have to come to”
I love you all! Have a beautiful week!  Until next time-
Xoxo Sister Flink

Also, this week is going to be crazy busy, AGAIN!
Tuesday- Exchanges with Sedalia Sisters
Wednesday- MLC until 4:00
Friday- Zone Training, I have to give trainings
Saturday- Sister Training Leader meeting and Luis Baptism.
Time is flying by, this transfer is going to be over pretty quick. And then I wonder if I will get my last companion and have her for 3 transfers. I wonder if I will end my mission here... I have no idea. I almost think they might send me to the VC my last transfer!  The Lord knows what is best for me and will am excited for all the adventures he blesses me with!

Makes me so happy!  Mooders keeps me in her scriptures!


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