Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mission Accomplished! Full Of So Many Emotions!

Bright and Early Thursday Sept 17, 2015 we headed to the Salt Lake City Airport to get our Sister Missionary from Missouri Independence Mission!
AIR Itinerary
AIR Confirmation: HP48BK
Thu Sep 17
Depart SALT LAKE CITY, UT (SLC) on Southwest Airlines at 09:20 AM
Arrive in PHOENIX, AZ (PHX) at 09:55 AM

Change planes to Southwest Airlines in PHOENIX, AZ (PHX) at 11:50 AM
Arrive in KANSAS CITY, MO (MCI) at 4:20 PM
Travel Time 6 hrs 0 mins

Sept 18th, 2015.~  Family arrived at the Missouri Independence Mission home at 10:30 a.m. to greet Sister Flink.  Sister Flink attended the temple that morning and we can't wait to see her.  Connor wore his shirt for Sister Flink!
Missouri Independence Mission
517 W. Walnut St.
Independence, MO 64050-3632
Welcome Home Sister Flink!  I have waited my WHOLE life to meet you!
He is Calm, COOL, and Collected! He is ready!
Can't wait to hug my Missionary!  It is only a matter of a few minutes!
She hung on so tight and we just cried.  
She wanted to look into my eyes and tell me she LOVED me!  
NOT so Calm, COOL, and Collected anymore!  I think all the screams of JOY scared him!
Thank goodness for candy in President Vest's office!  Saved the day!
OH WOW!  I am really with my My Mom, Dad, Kailee, Kenna and Connor!  Let the MIM  experience for my family begin!  Can't wait to show my family around my mission!
Bro. Giroux brought out his guitar and we all sat around and listen to him play us all some "Fooling Yourself" Styx music.  Loved it!  Having my family there to sing along with the Giroux family was awesome!  Good-byes are always hard!

First things first!  Thank goodness sisters who bring all the hair product to get my hair back to RED!  Thank you for the wonderful stay with the Dockstader Family and for letting me do my hair!
I totally ruined the green towel they let us borrow!  The Dockstoder Family is the best!  I miss them every single day!

I am back to my red-headed sassy self!  Lets go play MIM style!
 AND....we are off to the Visitor Center in Independence!  

 I love taking my family the the Visitor Center in Independence.  I took them on a tour and it was wonderful.  I was able to serve her my last two weeks with Sister Krause.  The spirit is so strong and I was so grateful I could experience it with my family.  Always a Daddy's girl!

Next Stop!   Liberty Jail!  I love this place!  I was able to serve here for a few weeks in the middle of my mission and experience many great things with investigators and members.  A sacred place!

While we were there, we had to stop at Longboards and get a shirt and lunch!  I loved Longboards and wish Utah had one!  Great memories there!

Next Stop........Cameron!  Ourth Family here we come!  We had a wonderful night with the Ourth Family.  We had dinner and laughed, talked and my family feel in love with them!  Sunday we attended the Cameron Ward and it was great to see my family in the first area that I served with Sister Moody and Sister Buckhave!

Next Stop....Adam-ondi-ahman!

My Final Hug and Picture with President and Sister Vest!

Mon Sep 21
Depart KANSAS CITY, MO (MCI) on Southwest Airlines at 11:30 AM
Arrive in DENVER, CO (DEN) at 12:15 PM
Change planes to Southwest Airlines in DENVER, CO (DEN)at 3:00 PM
Arrive in SALT LAKE CITY, UT (SLC) at 4:25 PM
Travel Time 5 hrs 55 mins 


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