Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, September 7, 2015

If I Had The Words...!

Well Friends- 

I am blessed because although I only have two more weeks, I have had absolutely no time to think about home. If I had the words to explain the craziness of this week I would use them, it has been one jolly ride this week, I will try my best to keep you in the loop, but we're still hanging on! 

So first off, Tuesday was a great day. We had lots and lots of proselyting time and we were able to do some service and find some new investigators. We were also able to have dinner with our investigator Tina her entire family at the bishops home, they clicked so well and we watched the Restoration movie with all of them, and THEN the craziness began. Tuesday night we saw Sister Vest at the church and we started teasing her that MLC was the next day and that we should just drive to independence and stay with them at the Mission home so we wouldn't have to drive in the morning. She looked at us, grinned a little and to our surprise she said, "let's do it sisters! you can come stay with us but don't tell anybody, I will let President know! Be there by 9:30!" And we looked at each other, started laughing, and ran out to go home and back a bag. We made our way to independence thinking, "President was probably like, Sister Vest you told them they could what?!" And we got there with our bags and standing on their porch in our PJ's and president just opens the door and starts laughing and looking at his wife like, why did you allow this? We were Sister Vests little elves to help her prepare food for MLC the next morning. No pillow talk that night, President was probably watching our every move.

We are here!  Sleepover!

Wednesday- MLC, my last one. Started at 8:00 and ended around 5:00. I gave my departing testimony and I could hardly keep it together, it was the saddest day, yet, I testified that I have worked hard and I know the Lord is proud of me, I am going home with No regrets, I love my calling. After an 8 hour meeting your spiritual brain is a tad bit fried and exhausted, then we left we drove to pick up Sister Crockett and head back. After having about an hour to proselyte, we went to the church to prepare our personal trainings for the next day and Sister Crockett studied.  
Zone Conference Plate City North Zone- Greatest Zone Ever!
Sister Ashley Olsen, Sister Williams, Sister Crockett, Sister Guido, Sister Davis
Elder Walker and Elder Robinson
Thursday- Zone Training/Interviews in St Joe, about an hour away.

Sister Guido and I both had 2 trainings each to give to the missionaries In-between everyone getting interviewed by President and Sister Vest. Trainings went great, interviews went great, besides the fact that we were there for 6 hours waiting for Sister Crockett to get done, she was the last one to get interviewed. Well, here's a spoiler alert to what I will say later, I had a great interview with President and in the middle he said something to the effect of, "have you and Sister Guido done exchanges with all your sisters yet?" "We have one more with the Albany sisters next week." "Okay, well, after your second Zone training tomorrow, I want you to head up to Albany and do a blitz with them so you can get your exchanges done. Just so you know, I've had something on my mind for awhile, and their might be one more transfer for you before your mission is over, but I haven't asked the Lord yet, so I'll let you know." Uhhhh.... WHAT? I just said well, we will do it. So after 6 hours of trainings, interviews, and emotional and hungry missionaries, we drove the hour drive back to Platte City and attempted to be diligent and do weekly planning, but had to take dinner an hour early so we could take a power nap before we passed out. We then had 1 hour to proselyte that day. 
Loved seeing Sister Olesen!
PCNZ Nerf War PDay
Friday- Another Zone Training (YAYYY) we were asked to be at because they don't have any Sister Training Leaders. It was successful and great, after Zone Training I received a blessing from Elder Kaafi for comfort and counsel after giving my 3rd departure testimony and it getting harder every single time, Heavenly Father told me so many things I needed to hear. We had a poopy lesson that went horribly, and then ran home to pack a bag to head up to Albany. Before we headed up, some other sisters of ours called us crying and discouraged because they found out one of their investigators was a wiccan..... So we tried our best to talk them through that one and hurry and arranged for the ZL's to give them a blessing so we could get on the road. We hung up and said, "okay, onward!" We dropped Sister Crockett off in Kansas City to be with some other sisters while we went to Albany, and made the 2 hour trek up to Bonneville. It was night time and out in the middle of the country was kind of sketchy, but we sang our EFY, rolled our windows down, and talked about life. Also, took some deep breaths because we were so exhausted from the previous day's and arrived to help the Albany sisters plan for the next day with us and slept on the hard floor for the night. (yet, it gets better). 

Saturday- Blitz with the Sisters for the day! I got to go to a baptism of Sedona Mays, a girl I found a taught a little bit over 6 months ago when I served there. That was such a tender mercy! I got to see a lot of my Albany family. 
The newest member - Sister Sedona Mays
The Bourland Family from Albany, MO!
Sister Poppa from Albany, MO
At about 4:00 we thought we better get on the road so we can get some dinner to start our fast, pick up our companion, and be in our area so we can get our people to church the next day. We loaded up and started the 2 hour trek and stopped at Red Robin in Liberty to get some bottomless fries to match our bottomless exhaustion (because we deserved it) where our waiter then asked if we were sober because we were so out of it, I rebuked him and referred him to the name tag and he said, "oh, well, that is awkward." Haha! Drove to Kansas City, picked up our comp, and had 1 hour to see Tina and invite her to church and knock some doors, looking like zombies of course. Funny story about that night, I was so proselyting deprived that I saw this girl outside the store and started talking with her and she was like 16 and really friendly, but In the middle of talking, her mom pulled up to pick her up and she was like, "oh I gotta go! My moms here!" And I frantically was like, "Just take this book it's about Jesus Christ!" And literally put it in her hands while she was walking away and my companions died laughing, I felt like it was the first person I had talked too like all week. Then we got home before we could pray to plan our day, we got a call from another set of sisters crying while one is curled up in a ball in the living room saying "sisters, I don't know what to do my companion won't talk to me and wants to go home." We looked at each other, said a prayer of energy, patience, and love and began to talk and counsel with them for 45 minutes. As we are approaching 10:00, we figured we better call President and explain the situation. He started laughing and said, "Oh sisters, bless your heart! How tired are you?" And we laughed/cried haha! He told us we again needed to head up to St Joe and be with them first thing in the morning. We called them back and let them know, then we fell on our backs and stared at the ceiling and convinced ourselves, "we love our calling, we love our calling" and got to bed by about 11:30. 

Sunday- we got up first thing and drove to St Joe to do a companionship inventory with those sisters. It was 3 hours, yes, THREE, of us sitting there forcing them to talk to each other, praying, setting goals with them, letting them yell at each other, and trying sooo hard to keep it together! We realized we would miss correlation, ward council, and our home ward so we were frantically calling and canceling meetings and making sure there were people to pick up and be with our investigators while telling these sisters to just hold on for one second. We arranged a blessing for those sisters at the church and drove with them to get that all ironed out. We made sure everything was alright, jumped in the car and drove to Kearney (1 hour) so we could make it to YSA's sacrament meeting half an hour late. Gooooood times! After that we drove back for dinner and had about an hour in our area. The totals this week come to about 3 hours of proselyting time in our area, 20 actual hours of meetings, and 15 hours of driving. And lots and lots of prayers and singing. Real life folks. Oh and Sister Guido closed our prayer with, "we thank thee that this week has come to a close" and then we lost it.
We are exhausted!  Great week!
Now.... For the best part of all, just when you think it is a new week with a fresh start, we get a call from the AP's telling ME that I am getting transferred TODAY to serve with Sister Kilee Krause in the Blue Mills ward and the Independence Visitors center, for the last 10 days of my mission. TEN. The lord never ceases to amaze me, don't ever think he doesn't have more up his sleeve. I just laughed and said, "I shall start packing." So we are gonna have about 2 hours for PDay and then head to independence to be in my new area. So there it is folks, mission life at its finest. 

Sorry this email is not very spiritual, but WOW. I love serving the Savior! I do, I do! I think of when President Hinckley says one of the greatest gifts you will bring home from your mission is the value of hard work, ain't that true!
I love you all! 
Sister Flink

Nikki is so excited to come home!  
I'm excited!  I really am!  I will miss my MIM family!

Hello, Hello Sister Flink!! 
Your PICK-UP time for your daughter has been bumped up!!! Woo-hoo!  10:30AM now here at the mission office….517 W. Walnut!

I told Sister Vest that you could adjust your schedule to come a half hour earlier……

Sister Seaman


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