Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Evil Was Hushed!

My Cameron GOLDEN Throne!  Nothing like going back to your first apartment!  Can I bring this chair home??
What's up!   This week has been great. Sometimes I get so frustrated because I cant get all the information I want too from a week of work into a little email. But, I will do my favorite parts.
Well, we had 2 exchanges with week and 2 district meetings we needed to be at. First exchange was with the Newmark sisters, I was able to go there and train in Newmark. It was a successful and spirit filled exchange. The next exchange was SUPER SPECIAL to me it is hard to put into words, I got to go to Cameron! My first area, where it all started 18 months ago. I don't know what I did right, but The Lord must love me enough to put me as STL over Cameron and Albany, two places I love so much.
Visiting with the Ourth Family!
Sister Jensen
Who can forget TRAVIS!!
Tawny (investigator from Cameron)
Love Cheryl!
We had some amazing experiences with our investigators this week. Tina is progressing so well and is so prepared by the Lord to move forward, I have seen the reality of what having the spirit can do to change the entire aspect of a family and the home they reside in. I have seen a change in Tina's family. in her, and in the overall spirit that is felt in her home, and she notices it too. That is nothing short of the converting power of this gospel. This week as we sat down to teach L3, she brought up baptism and she said, "Sisters, I want to know so much more but yet I truly feel a sense of urgency to do this, I don't want to wait too long to get baptized, I might miss the boat!" And I sat there and I thought, what an amazing women with such faith. Do we worry about missing the boat? or do we procrastinate until the boat has left and we are drowning to catch up? Tina is preparing for baptism on the 19th of September, and her daughter Ana wont be too long after. I love this family, they will probably be the last family I get to teach and hopefully see them enter the waters of baptism.
One of my favorites quotes!  I love to see how accepting the gospel changes individual lives!
I would like to share a sacred experience this week that overcame me. I have been out for 18 months this coming week and I think I finally learned the true power and reality of my calling. It was about 8:45 one night and we had a strong prompting to go see an investigator right then, and we had about 15 minutes left of our night. So as we got there, we pulled up and instantly we could tell she was in a bad situation. Their were about 20 rowdy, drunk teenagers outside her house and she was trying to get them off her property. They were her daughters friends, we said a quick prayer and got out of the car. As we walked up, the smell of alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes was almost unbearable. We walked right past all of them and didn't say a word, although we could see all eyes were on us, but we went straight to our investigator, and she just was speechless. She has had a very rough life and is trying to turn it around, but cant seem to get away form her past. She had taken her night medicine and was drowsy, and these kids pounded down her door to wake her up. We took her by the arm and walked her inside her house, still completely ignoring the situation going on around us. We prayed with her inside her home and bore testimony that everything would be okay and told her to go to bed. As we opened the door to go back outside, I heard fighting, I heard cussing, I heard things I haven't heard in awhile, but I hadn't stepped out the door yet when I heard this, "Please stop, the Mormons are here." And we took one step outside the door and I again heard from a different voice, "Yo, everyone, the church Mormons are here, stop yelling." And we were completely outside when we heard it one more time, "Stop talking like that, The Mormon Missionaries are literally HERE." And all the sudden, it went quiet. A hush literally fell over the whole place and they turned to look at us. 3 of us standing there, proud to be disciples of Jesus Christ, they knew exactly who we were and what we represented, and they KNEW what they were doing was wrong, all because Mormon Missionaries walked onto the premise. At that moment the spirit said one thing to me, "the evil is hushed, you can move forward." We proceeded to our car, and the foulest one of them all said, "We are sorry. You ladies have a good night." I sat in the car and I talked with my companions and we realized whose work we were truly about. As we are worthy, the evil can truly be hushed. I saw it in reality and I will never forget it. I am a missionary, I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, this is his work, and there may be evil, but I know that the Evils of the world can be hushed as we understand who we really are, and we help others understand who they can be.

I am so grateful for this gospel. I know my savior and I love him. He is at the head of this church, he is at the head of our lives, or at least he should be. May we all better declare ourselves as disciples of Jesus Christ in a world that surrounds us with evil. May we understand that not only our fears can be hushed, but so can the evil around us as we stay close to the Lord and understand who we truly represent. 

Can we expect to walk on hot coals, and our feet not be burned? 
Sometimes God calms the storm, but sometimes God lets the storm rage and calms His child.”― Leslie Gould
I hold this time sacred, I know whose work I am about, as we all are. I pray this week you will come to understand who you really are, and act according to that knowledge.
 I love you.

Xoxo Sister Flink

Heeyyaa Mom.

Repainting the house?! Finally! Next thing is that gross green carpet from the 80's. hahaha! That's awesome though! Whose coming home? I don't know what you're talking about.

The airport will be great. Kendra emailed me this week and I told her to come as well, Make sure to get a hold of Cydney Burton and tell her the dates as well. 

Week was good, busy, and a little rough. We had 2 exchanges and 2 district meetings because we had to inspect all the Sisters Area books and go through everything they've put into the system. and then I only cried myself to sleep a few times this week after I left Cameron and realized how this is all coming to an end. I am a bit of an emotional wreck, not a wince of trunkiness, everyone who asks me if I'm leaving im still in complete denial. It's probably not healthy but oh well.

I will include details in my weekly email and I will probably send a letter home to write down all my woes.

I love youuuu!

Sister Flink


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