Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Darkest Of Nights See The Morning, But Who Will Rise On Up And Seize The Day?‏

Be-YOU-tiful!  This MOM loves this sweet misionary!
First off, I hope you all know that you have played a significant part in my life and in the person I am today. I love you all and THANK YOU for being apart of my life and my mission.

This week was great, crazy, and a little hectic!  But there is always time for a SONIC stop enjoying slushes with the RS President! We are having a blast!

We are currently transferring our paper area book and paper records to our Ipads and so everyday this past week for 2 hours we sat at the church and transferred teaching records and information. It was a little exhausting and tedious. But its amazing to see the Lords work going forth stronger than ever with technology!
Area Book time!
We had lots of great appointments this week and our investigators are progressing well! We are still trying to build up the area and our teaching pool but we are working a lot with members and doing service. This week we went on exchanges with the St. Joe sisters and it went great!
Ariel!  She is from Cameron, MO (my first area) and is coming to YSA!
I would like to share two experiences this week that touched my heart (among the many)

First, Barbara Willoughby ~ 80 year old widow that lives here in Platte City. We received a voicemail from a sweet lady telling us that she got a text from us (which we never texted her) that Sister Missionaries were still in the area and we needed to come see her. We called back, not knowing who she was or how she had contact with the Sisters and set up a time to go see her. Friday morning we went too see this sweet lady and as we sat down in her home, the spirit overwhelmed me and told me, "She just needs company. You need to just lighten her day with a smile." And the more she talked, the more and more she talked about her husband passing away and how lonely she was. How it had been 6 years and never seems to get easier, especially at night or holidays. How her kids are busy and have their own families, and nobody comes to visit. This sweet women put her head in her hands and started to sob, she said, "Oh sisters, will you PLEASE come see me once a week. I am so sad." And my eyes filled with tears as I began reflecting up on my own family and my heart was depressed at the thought ,"I am going to miss special moments like this where I know I am exactly where I need to be, and I have my nametag to prove that we are here to help." Then clearer than day, I thought of what Elder Clarke said to us in a Zone Conference, he said, "Many of you worry about going home. Let me tell you the secret, take care of the widows and the fatherless and you will ALWAYS feel like a missionary." That was an answer to my prayers and the spirit is real and our Heavenly Father is so aware of our struggles and concerns.  He knew Barbara's sorrows and he sent us! He knew my sorrows and he sent the Holy Ghost to bring things to my remembrance, He knows US. That moment, that work, was not about baptizing or tracting or preaching to people on the street, it was about looking at daughter of God and helping her feel loved!   That is exactly what God needed us to do.

Second Carol ~  I would like to bear my testimony and my witness that I know the Book of Mormon is true and is truly the word of God. We volunteer at a place called Hillcrest and we help with the children's clothes. As we were folding clothes one of the workers came up to us and said, "I need to talk to you before you leave." and we thought we were in trouble! Well as we started to wrap up and get ready to leave she started to walk us out. She said, "I went to temple square this last week in Salt Lake City, and I talked to sister missionaries just like you! They gave me a book of Mormon and I've been reading it. I feel the spirit when I read, I need you to teach me more." We met with her on Thursday night and answered her questions and she will be at church this next Sunday. All because of a book that helped her feel something different, it truly is the word of God. As Jeffery R. Holland says, "No wicked man would write such a book as this, and no good man would write it, unless it were true, and he were commanded of God to do so."
The Book of Mormon along with prayer can change a life, can transform a heart, can open a mind to glorious truths and knowledge about the Savior Jesus Christ.  It has done that for me!  Please make a concentrated effort this week to be in the Book of Mormon each day, to study the word "which healeth the wounded soul."
My Sisters of Platte City!
I love you All. T-3 weeks and I will be able to tell you that myself.

Have it a great week.

Sister Flink 

Hey MOM!

Well, only 3 more P-days, pretty scary right? Yes, super weird. Exciting for you, not sure how it is on my part yet! I am embracing it, but there are days when I am ready to be home. That's for sure, but I love this work. 

Bear lake sounds fun! Im ready for some good adventures like that. Im sure it was a blast! 

I GET TO KNOW BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE BECASUE I CANT BE THERE, YOU HAVE TO EMAIL ME AS SOON AS SHE KNOWS. I get special privileges'! Frist, I don't get to be there, and then second, I don't get sushi, so I get the first email telling if its a boy or girl. No exceptions!

I had an experiences i'll share later that made me ponder and think about sweet Grammy.  I cant wait to just spend time with her!

I told Dad he only has 4 more P-days to email m! Last week and he didn't send me one, I'm not letting him miss one week until I come home. You better text him and tell him to get ON IT.

Glad you got an extra phone call, good thing I am one of presidents Favorites! :)

Love you Mom!

PS - Update from Sister Flink's MOM!  I was at work this week and got a surprise call from Nikki! We just needed to chat, with permission for President Vest, about her return home!  I was so excited!  Nikki told me to DELETE the number!  I did AFTER a min or two!  I am probably going to get in trouble, but I HAD to do it!  Just had too!!  

I got disciplined!    NO MORE MAMA FLINK!  I DID  hit delete immediately!  

XOXO Sister Flink


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