Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, October 13, 2014

He Has The Capacity To Change Our Natures.‏

Marni, Garrett, Darren, and Abbey Ourth!  What a beautiful day!
The Ourth Family
Brother Ourth and the Sisters!!
When I was in Cameron, I worked with the Ourth family for 4 months. They have been RLDS their entire lives, and we worked and worked and WORKED with them!   And I got to go up their with Sister Mooders where it all started! Abbey, the 13 year old, got baptized when I was still there.  Then I left Cameron with so much sadness because I had to leave Marni and Darren behind in the middle of teaching them.  But the day came yesterday.~They got baptized! Garret, the 18 year old son, has been a convert for 6 months and he got to baptize his parents. There is no words to describe the feelings as you get to see that happen. Marni just cried and gave me the biggest hug when she saw me and told me she missed me.   I could see in her eyes how happy she was that she finally made this choice. You just can't put a price on experiences like this.  You can't put a price on the salvation and happiness of souls. And more than that, salvation and happiness of a beautiful family. Oh, Marni and Darren asked me to bear my testimony at their baptism, that was such an honor! I basically cried the entire time, but being able to do that was something that I will hold special.
Best Surprise Ever!  I love Marni!

I love Abbey! 
The other great blessing is I was reunited with my MTC companion from Layton Utah, Sister Mancell!  I have missed her.  I also got to see Sister Buckhave again!  So many loved one there to greet me and express their love for me!  I love Cameron and my Sisters!
Sister Mancell - MTC Companions and fellow Northridge Knight! I love her!
Sister Buckhave - I have missed her!
Sister Studyvin with her girls! 
Sister Moody (1st Companion) Sister Mancell (MTC Companion), Sister Buckhave (2nd Companion) all together again!
The Jail has been really busy this week. I have been taking tour after tour and learning so much about the early saints of the church, and also the prophet joseph.  The prophet Joseph said this about his Liberty Jail experience, "After having been enclosed in the walls of a prison for 5 months, it seems to me that my heart will always be more tender after this than ever it was before. My heart bleeds continually when I contemplate the distress of the church. Oh, that I could be with them. I would not shrink at toil and hardship render them comfort and consolation." The liberty jail is sacred. I am not a VC sister, so being able to serve in one even for just a week is a huge blessing. Next week when I email, I will be back in Indian Creek.
The main thing that I want to share with you is the power of Jesus Christ in our lives. We all go through our own Liberty Jails, those times when their seems to be no escape. We feel trapped, weighed down, exhausted, our trials seems to go on forever. I have experienced that more than ever recently, while I love being a missionary in Kansas, It has felt like its own Liberty Jail at times. Joseph asked, "Oh God, where art thou?" He was a prophet of God and yet, he was suffering. None of us a exempt from the process of trial and growth. But when we turn to the savior, we receive more than we deserve. At least I feel that way. We receive the response of "My son, (or daughter), Peace be unto thy soul." And those words are real. He is the peace that we all yearn for. "There IS a reason, it is for our own development, our purification, our growth, that we buffet the fierce waves of sorrow and misfortune. and w shall be all the stronger and better when we have swam the flood and stand up on the farther shore."
Sorry about this Massive email, I just love all of you. So does Heavenly Father. Always remember and keep faith that HE HAS A PLAN. Endure all things well and he will exalt you. That is a promise of heaven.
Love Sister Vance (Companion #4)!  Going to miss her tomorrow as I head back to Lenexa KS!
Little side note from Sister Moody to her family!  On Saturday we did this weird exchange thing cause Sister Hansen got to go up to Adam-ondi-ahman with the other VC sisters, so I got to be with Sister Flink until 5 o'clock. BEST EVER! We got to do 3 presentations together and I love saying "Ya, my companion, Sister Flink will tell you....." hehe! Made me happy. Nothin like having your best buddy as your comp for the day.  ~ 

I love you have a great week!   Sister Flink


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