Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Oh How I Missed Missouri!

Well, I got P-day on Monday but then I got to Liberty and my new companion, Sister Vance, had P-day on Thursday. So you get to hear from me again!
I am so happy to be in Liberty! It has been so great. Monday afternoon, we drove up and dropped Sister Colledge off at the mission home and Sister Vance, Sister Ray, and Sister Allen were all waiting there for me to pick me up and take me to Liberty. Sister Ray and I talked the entire way about Indian Creek and about the area.   When I got home, they had all decorated the apartment and "heart attacked" the door frame to welcome me. It was so sweet. Right then, I knew it was going to be a wonderful and well needed week and a half.  Sister Vance is awesome! I knew her before and she's so sweet.
Companion #3 - Sister Vance
So being at the Jail is super awesome. Wow, the life of a VC sister..... (easy peasy pumpkin squeezie) You are on shift half the day, then you do studies, then you go to dinner and have like 1 or 2 hours to proselyte. So there is definitely pro's and con's. Even though I feel like a lazy bum just sitting at the jail all day, I LOVE IT.  I dont want to leave, and the senior couples all want me to stay. I've been staying busy taking tours. I do them myself expect the history presentation because I don't know enough of that yet. My first day on shift and first day at the jail, there was a tour bus of tons of Koreans that were traveling the church history sites. Usually they have to make a reservation so everyone was totally caught off guard. They looked at me and said, "think you can handle the rotunda (jail presentation)?" Yup! It was awesome. Sister Vance and I would say a few words, and then we'd stop and a translator would translate for all of them, probably a group of about 30 Koreans. Then we'd tell more, stop, and he'd translate. It was such a cool experience because even with the language barrier, the spirit is the same. The truth is the same. They all were just dying to take pictures with the missionaries. And throughout the presentation, their camera's never stopped flashing. It was basically the Korean Paparazzi. The jail is usually pretty slow during this time but it has remained really busy, we've taken one tour after the other. We all said it was a sign from Heavenly Father that I need to stay.
Wednesday we had district meeting, then we were on shift, we had dinner, and then an appointment. And bam,  just like that the day is over. Having appointments and investigators to work with has been so refreshing. But more than that, A GOOD COMPANION. Wow, it makes such a difference. Sister Vance and I laugh all the time, it has been some good stuff for ma heart! Unfortunately, I don't live in the same house as Mooders. We have an apartment, but I see her in passing a lot on shift change at the jail. And we are going up to Cameron together on Saturday for the Ourths baptism!!!!! Im going to back to Cameron!!! Im so excited. Sister Moody just came and jumped on me and I literally almost cried when I saw her. She goes home so soon, you need to make her come see you guys. She's from Payson.
We have some good plans the rest of this week and then we have P-day again on Monday. And then transfer calls are on Tuesday. My email to President went like this:
President Vest-

So I will start my letter this week with this: What is the possibility that I can stay in Liberty and not go back to Indian Creek? (As I giggle at myself)

That statement is about 20% joking and 80% serious! (As you are probably giggling at ME)
Yeah its worth a shot, we'll see what happens. Haha!
Well, that is the update. things are spectacularrrrr.  And I get another P-day on Monday so im a little spoiled. I love Missouri.  Maybe that's why Zion is Jackson County. 
I got the package! the apartment is all decorated for my new companion! Haha.!  It came just in time.
Happy Halloween in Indian Creek!
I love you!
Sister Flink


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