Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Its getting "Cold" in Kansas, but the spirit will keep you warm!‏

Well, this week was a good one. Kind of long one on foot, in the cold, but it aint no thang!
We had some good things happen. The big tender mercy this week was finding our new investigator, Anna. We were trying everyone in this one area and nobody was home. I knew we had to be there but as we went about I couldn't figure out why. We had tried every potential, less active, and members home, and nobody was there. So I turned to Sister Bott and I said, "Alright, how many doors do we need to knock before we figure out why the Lord needs us here." We had 20 minutes before our ride was coming so we decided on 5. The 2nd door we knocked, Anna opened and talked with us about the church for the entire 20 minutes. She was prepared by the Lord. He knew it, we knew it, and we are going to help her know it. We are meeting with her this week. We have been working really close with some less actives and they are progressing well. Myra is officially a "Returning Member" of the church and Tabitha is well on her way. That is such a good feeling.
We took Myra to the visitors center on Friday and she loved it.  Tabitha, we are taking this week. Our investigator pool is slim right now but progressing. We are teaching Diana.   They are a PMF and she is progressing. As well as Nanna Betty, she's like 80 but she's awesome!!  I want to baptize her. Cierra, a former investigator we have recently picked back up. It has taken time, patience, dilligence, and trust in the Lord, but the results are blooming in this time. And he'll send little tender mercies along the way to always keep us going, we just need to recognize them. And remember, he has never, never, forgotten us.
We are having a fireside on the 23rd of November and we have recieved so much support from the ward!  It has been so awesome! Ward Council yesterday was so good about getting the word and the flyers around.  I am so excited for that night. The youth are going to be singing "Come Unto Christ", it should be great and hopefully get the members going.
Best part of this week? ZONE TRAINING. Aka. the best refresher for the missionary soul. It was awesome, and so filled with the spirit. I'll just say that by the end of the meeting their was not a dry eye in the room and Elder Holt stood up and said, "If everyone ever questions whether or not it is ever worth it, they should come feel the power of missionary work in this room right now."
 I was able to bear my testimony of the doctrine of Christ, just like I have done to all of you during my emails the past few weeks. We are not what we can be, and we can only get there through our Savior Jesus Christ and his atonement and our desire to repent and progress and change.
I love you all! I hope you all have a great week.
Sweet Picture from A ward Member- "We are enjoying your Girls!"
They are so funny together!
Happy birthday shout out to ``My Partner In Crime, Elder Jordan Newby."

"Happy Birthday to You Elder Newby!"
Thanks for the Package of WARM SOCKS and boots!  I love you Mom, Dad, Kailee, McKenna!  Loved the notes and I feel the love!

Love you!   Sister Flink
Hey Mom, I have some bummer news for ya!
We had zone training this week and there was one thing that was pretty stressed...... No chatting back and forth on email. I have to be exactly obedient if I want the lord to bring us miracles. If you'd be so kind to tell the rest of the fam too. So from now on, just big emails and tell me about your week and I will do the same! Sacrifices, sacrifices. I know.
I love you though!


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