Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Blessings Come!‏

Dear friends and family,
First off, Happy Thanksgiving. I love this time of year. Time to be grateful for all we have, especially our Savior Jesus Christ.
I am so grateful to be a full-time Missionary!
This week was great! We set Nanna Betty on date for Dec, 27th. She is 80 years old and continuing to prepare for baptism. What a blessing! She has committed to stop smoking and she is on her way. We are excited! We took her to the visitors center this week and that was where we had our break through, the spirit finally spoke to her heart and prompted her to act in faith. We also met with Cierra this week, and set HER on date for Dec 27th! We had 3 investigators at church, and 3 less actives! She came to church yesterday and enjoyed it.  She has to talk to her boyfriend about getting separate places or getting married, but I had investigators who lived together in Cameron and they ended up having the faith to separate and get baptized. We are hoping for the same miracle with her. Regardless, Heavenly Father is providing and we are working hard!
80 year old Nanna Betty!
We had our fireside this Sunday, it was called, "Anxiously Engaged." and it went AWESOME! Oh my goodness, I was so nervous nobody would come but they did and the chapel was filled! President and Sister Vest spoke and it was wonderful. We had a few recent converts and members bear testimony, and then the youth did a beautiful musical number. President called Sister Bott and I up on surprise and asked us to do a role play. Yikes! We did a door approach restoration lesson and it went really well. It was a great moment. The Indian Creek ward has never had a fireside put on by the missionaries. It was the first and it was a success. I am so grateful and my heart is so full towards my Heavenly Father. The members all had great feedback.
President and Sister Vest
I want to share my testimony this week of the sacrament. Lately I have understood clearly the doctrine of Christ and what it truly means for us. I have been desiring to care more and understand more fully the sacred ordinance of the sacrament. To do this, I have begun to do "Take it to the sacrament table." I have learned that we don't wake up Sunday morning and prepare to take the sacrament. We prepare to take the sacrament the moment after we take it on Sunday. So every night I have gone home, and I write on a piece on paper the things I could have done better at that day, thoughts I shouldn't of had, things I shouldn't of said or things I should have said, weakness I failed to overcome, actions that were not in accordance with my heavenly fathers will, anything that stopped my progression or hindered my goals to become the person that heavenly father needs me to be. I can testify to you that I have had sacred and personal experiences with the sacrament as I have "Taken it all to the sacrament table" and THEN I can truly recommit myself to my father in heaven for that next week. Our savior Jesus Christ and his atonement is in vain if we do not utilize the gift that is given freely to each and every one of us. Repentance, Baptism, (the sacrament), Gift of the holy ghost, and endure to the end. The savior invites us to come unto him and to be TRANSFORMED. We can be cleansed and purified by the holy spirit of promise. I have found that as I have understood and taken the sacrament with a true broken heart and contrite spirit.
I am grateful for all of you. I am grateful for my savior Jesus Christ. I know he lives, I know he is at the head of this church and he is waiting for us, with open arms, to come unto him.
Look at those hot Lenexa missionaries!
Have a great week!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Sister Flink
P.S. What are you thankful for? Go share it.

Hey Mom~  Sister Mooders is headed home this morning. :( I am so sad I haven't been thinking much about it. I want you to go see her, she would be so happy! Payson isn't that far, make a trip out of it! Take a buddy. Thanksgiving will be good. We've been invited quite a few places. We are eating dinner with the Copeland's around 2:00, she'll probably send you a picture or something! I have a feeling I am not getting transferred, Ill stay for another one. But the call comes on Tuesday so I will know then. 6 more weeks in Indian Creek, I got this! Its going great, the area is not even close to the same as it was when I got here. It was so fun to see but was so hard in the moment. Fireside was awesome, I wrote more about it in my letter.  I love you!  NO CRYING on Thanksgiving!


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