Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, November 3, 2014

Another week down in the M.I.M‏

Its been a busy week! We have good things happening, the area is still difficult and tries me everyday, but we have been making good and immense progress with the members, less actives, and potential investigators.
This week I had to give a training on patience in district meeting!  Now for those of you who know Nikki Flink, that is what Paul calls my, "Thorn in the flesh" yet I have watched Jesus Christ's hand in shaping and changing me. I have grown so much in patience and humility because I let Heavenly Father take over and did my best and let him show me what is to be done ~ which is the hardest but the best way to ever do it. The one thing I have learned and continue to learn everyday is this simple truth, "You have a will and your will is not your Fathers."
I went on exchanges this week to Gardner. It was awesome.  It sometimes effects me to go to other areas and see them having investigators, success, and then I have to come back to Overland Park.  Then the thought comes to me, Patience, Humility, Patience, Perseverance, and Accessing the atonement. I put someone on date in their area and that felt awesome. It has been awhile. Then I came back to Overland Park and starting tracting the million dollar homes again. I realized something about Jesus Christ, it wasn't just because he "did it" it was because he did it!!  He loved every second of it. Because he loved his Father. But Jesus Christ had to have faith as well. Think about it!  The only time in the bible Christ EVER says "why" is when he is on the cross and the amazing part is what happened next.. he gave up the ghost anyways. He did it because he trusted his Father even though he didn't completely understand. Have you ever thought about why faith is a Christlike attribute?
Happy Halloween to all! Hope is was awesome. We had to stay inside and weekly plan after we had an awesome dinner.
Things are moving along, and I am learning and growing so much. I am not quite sure what I thought the Gospel entailed before I became a full time missionary, but it is nothing like what I understand now. Especially about my savior Jesus Christ. Especially about what the Doctrine of Christ truly is, "The day to day process by which we access the atonement TO CHANGE OUR NATURES."
This gospel is true. This work is the Lords and it continues to roll forth in power. Stand up, share and participate in the hastening of the work!   You will find joy and the blessings in heaven will be upon you. I promise you that as a representative of the Savior Jesus Christ.
I love you!
Sister Flink


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