Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, January 19, 2015

"Sister Flink, Why are you a Mormon?"‏

Howdy Howdy all my dear ones!
Another amazing week in the M.I.M!   I get the privilege to update you on.
We had Zone Training this week, first one in my new zone, the Platte City North Zone. It was awesome. Elder Garrick and Elder Rea gave great trainings, it made me re-evaluate and re-dedicate my myself to what the scriptures call "the process of time" and the Law of Consecration. What it means to put aside everything and sacrifice all I have to my savior for these 18 months of my life.
Platte City North Zone
We have had a miracle investigator, Daniel. He called us off a Mormon.org card when we were tracting in -2 degree weather, (that is the lord blessing us) and asked if he could learn more. We haven't been able to sit down and teach him fully yet, but he has read half of the Book of Mormon in three days and loves it. Thomas finally came to church yesterday and he is still working towards baptism on the 20th of February. Keep him in your prayers! We have so many less active families we are working with that are returning to activity. The branch is being so blessed! I just got a call from Sister Anderson, "Hey Sister Flink, you've lit a spark under my lazy bum apparently. We read scriptures and prayed as a family last night for the first time in 3 years. Church was great yesterday too. Will you sisters be able to come over and do family home evenings with us?" That is just some of the little miracles happening all over this place. ALBANY IS IN ITS PRIME, ready to explode with the spirit.
Poor Sister Davis, mission life is exhausting sometimes!
 Lately I have been studying and thinking about our true and sacred identity as children of God. Do we understand who we are? Often when we rebel, when we have a lack of purpose, when we feel like giving up, when we feel like failures, when we fall into the temptations and traps of the world, it is because we forget our true identity. We forget we are SONS and DAUGHTERS of the most glorious god, the creator of heaven and earth and "all things that in them are" We forget our divine potential to become like him. One of my favorite quotes says, "not only CAN you become like him, EVERYTHING is stacked in your favor TOO become like him." Listen to what he is trying to tell you.. When you understand WHO YOU ARE, it changes you. How can that be? Because you are a daughter or son of god, you need to act like it, you need to think like it, you need to hold yourself to it. But more than that, you will want too because you will understand your potential. And you have a savior who helps you change, to become everything you are meant to become. Romans 8, "Nobody can separate us from the love of god, which is in Jesus Christ, our lord." Nobody, not the world, not your mom, not your friends, not Satan, not any power or influence can separate you. he loves YOU, infinitely and eternally, may we all embrace that love and rise to the standards and potential that comes from it.
I love you all so much! I am grateful to wear my name next to my Saviors and to wake up every day striving to remember whose name is more important on my Nametag. We represent him.

Until Next time.

Xoxo, Sister Flink


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