Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Spiritual Revival

Happy late 4th of July to those I love! hope you had a great one. Sister Coats and I happily heard fireworks from our bedroom while planning, it was a glorious experience haha.  I did attend a quick concert!  Bro. Giroux brought out his guitar and sat at the kitchen table and played me some "Fooling Yourself" Styx music.  Loved it!
The Giroux Family!
I got a fun surprise at church on Sunday!  A few transfers back I served in the "Indian Creek Ward" in Lenexa, KS.  I am now just 10  minutes away serving in the Overland Park 2 Ward!  Sweet Sister Leslie Steinle came and surprised me at church and sent my Mom these fun pictures! 
Catching up, but her companion was ready to start taking pics so we gave her a gratuitous pose. This what we came up with!
My eternal sweet heart of a girly! Sister Flink and I !!!! We just couldn't help ourselves! We've been separated for far tooo long!
I have just one question!  Do the spiders here in Missouri HATE ME!  Got bit again!  Ouch!
This week has been great! We've been loaded with appointments, we are working very strongly with the members and less actives. We have lots of appointments to teach members, and many less actives that are returning to the gospel. Its great! Plus, Dan is still on baptism date for the 18th and Amber is preparing for the 25th.

I want to take a second to tell you about Dan. Dan is incredible, he is someone I have come to love and admire in my time here. He is in his 60's, and was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease last year. Since then, it has been a quick decline. Dan relies on a walker and wheelchair for mobility, and the muscles in his neck have become so tight that he can barley lift his head to speak with us and when he does, it is a quiet mumble as he struggles for his words. And guess what? He's a ROCKSTAR. He comes to church every week with a smile on his face, he is loved by the members, and he is excited for baptism. The Book of Mormon has changed his life thanks to Sister Buckhave who shared a scripture about being "saved by grace" and he knows this is Jesus Christs true and living church on the earth. He is the most positive man I have ever met, when he has every reason to complain or get discouraged. Remember to count your many blessings and thank the Lord for what you have been given, you never know what tomorrow may bring.
 Wednesday we had Mission Leadership Council and had such a neat experience. As the numbers of the mission have drastically declined, we all went into MLC fasting and seeking revelation as a counsel about what we could do to change. It was one of the most spiritual meetings I have ever been apart of, I realized more than ever that I was standing amongst some of Christs strongest soldiers, and we are truly at war with the adversary right now. The battle may be ever present, but we already know who will win. "Whose on the Lords side, who?"
My Sistas!
Sissy Allred!  She is in my Zone!
Lenexa Zone!
Elder Hayes and Elder Roberts
Thursday we sang at Rose Estates to all the patients for the 4th of July. Makes me happy every time. Friday, we had Zone Training and as Jeffery R. Holland said.... "We got bold enough just to fringe their eyebrows a little bit." Its time to step it up for the Lord. We need to be a little better, we need to stand a little taller. And let me remind you of one thing, if you ever wonder if you need to say "Yes" to a spiritual prompting, or a calling, or a service opportunity, or to go home or visiting teaching, or to bear your testimony, or to share the gospel, you never need to ask whether you have time or not. You already said yes to the Lord and his kingdom when you made that covenant in the temple. You've already said Yes, now go and do and be faithful, there is no time for fence sitters or casual obedience, take the time to give yourself some spiritual revival.

"To some, the events unfolding in the world today are frightening. This is not a time to panic, but it is definitely a time to prepare. What can we do to better prepare ourselves for that which is at our doorstep? It is simple. We need to get back to basics and “learn obedience.” When we are obedient, we follow the first principles of the gospel and place our faith in our Lord and Savior; we repent of our sins; we are baptized and receive the Holy Ghost to guide us. We read and ponder the scriptures, pray for direction in our lives, and look for ways to help others who are going through difficult times. We share the gospel with people living on earth and make it possible for saving ordinances to be performed for those who have passed beyond the veil. Into each of our lives come golden moments of adversity. This painful friend breaks our hearts, drops us to our knees, and makes us realize we are nothing without our Lord and Savior. This friend makes us plead all the night long for reassurance and into the next day and sometimes for weeks and months. But, ultimately, just as surely as the day follows the night, as we remain true and faithful, this strange friend, adversity, leads us straight into the outstretched arms of the Savior."
"Before we can be taught things hidden from the world, we must be on a spiritual frequency which is out of this world."  Glenn L. Pace

This month, I am working on Project Sister Flink. I am taking the specific things in my life I need to change to become what God wants me to become and I am taking them to the Lord and letting him help me, that is what he is there for. What is Project You?

We need not fear, we must go forward. The world will change, Gods doctrine never will. For "He is the same, yesterday, today, and forever."   I know the Savior Jesus Christ lives. I love him, I am honored to bear his name and declare his divinity to those around me. Israel, Israel, God is calling.

 See you soon.XOXO, Sister Flink


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