Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Gift Of Grace

Hey friends! Sorry about the lame emails the past little while, I'm back on track now. So, I am in my new area in Overland Park 2nd Ward and Shawnee Mission YSA. My new companion is Sister Coats and she is AMAZING, I absolutely love her. We are excited to work our little buns off.
Companion #9 - Sister Coats from Sandy Utah!
To be a little honest with all of you, when I got the transfer call, I have too admit I was really nervous to come back to Overland Park. It was the hardest time of my mission and the refiners fire when I served in the Indian Creek Ward here.  At first I was disappointed that I was going to be finishing my mission where I had such a hard time, yet I remembered it was where the Lord truly took me and shaped me and painfully formed me into the missionary I am today. And because of what I learned in that area, I accepted his will willingly (that is the key) and I put a smile on my face, and let me tell you, it has been great!!  I am grateful to be here. The Lord has blessed me beyond belief and I know I am supposed to be here, there is not a doubt in my mind.
Matt Hendrickson and Emily Peterson - YSA Ward
I am going to LOVE my new Companion Sister Coats!
Elder Buckalew and ME!
Saying good-bye to our new investigator Shane Jackson -Sister Oleson and I loved him and he will get baptized!
I love Sister Smith and Baby Graham!
So sad saying good-bye!
We have 2 investigators preparing for baptism and lots of less actives we are working with. I don't know tons about the area but I do know I am excited to be here. The ward is great, and I love these people already. Sister Coats and I have a lot in common, mainly though~ we love to work. We have such motivation to get busy and that is the biggest blessing, hard working companions. We both have lots of goals we want to achieve this transfer and our helping each other become our very best selves.
As I watched some of my best friends from the mission go home this transfer, it hit me over and over how if I don't use this time it to its fullest capacity, I will have such little time. But if I do, I will have plenty of time to see miracles for the Lord. Consecration until the last second, that is what the Lord expects.

This week I have been able to bear testimony over and over of the reality of the Son of God and his divine sacrifice. It seems so much we think of Christ's suffering merely for the sinner, and while that is true, it is incomplete. "The Gospel is to make bad men good, and GOOD MEN BETTER." The atonement not only cleanses us from sin and guilt. though it has infinite capacity to do that. Jesus Christ also takes our goals, our aspirations, our worthy desires and shapes us to become what we want to become, as the beings he sees us as. Through his grace and mercy, he will strengthen and enable us to be and become more then we've ever been or ever thought we could be. I know this to true, because the Savior has done it for me. His capacity to change our natures, and our desires, is truly infinite. If you think you cant change, your wrong. If you think your beyond saving, your wrong. If you think the Savior doesn't know exactly what you're going through and every moment of your life, your wrong. Brothers and Sisters, he LOVES us with an eternal love. Come unto Christ, "and lay hold upon every good thing."

I love you all.  Make it a beautiful week, go share the joy of the gospel. If you think you cant, your wrong. (haha)

Xoxo, Sister Flink

Good morning Ma!  I made it to OP!
James Clark, my Mom's new mission friend,  hooked her up with a picture the day after transfers!  He is Josh Mack's best friend and is in the Shawnee Mission YSA Ward.  He will make sure my sweet Mom is aware that I am just fine! 
I have had a great week. I knew their would be a list of questions waiting for me!
New area is great, its different than Indian Creek, not better, just different. I am not nervous at all, plus its not just that the area is different, I am different. and I' m not the same as I was when I was in Indian Creek. I see things much differently.

We live with Members! Ill send you pictures today! They are actually in a different ward but we have a little room in their house.

It was hard leaving Blue Springs just because I felt like we were just getting our feet under us, but it wasn't too bad.
I am glad to be in OP. Its a good area. Anywhere is OP is a challenge, its very well off, but miracles happen. Two transfers is gonna fly so it doesn't matter, I'm just gonna work.
I got your package! I have been loving it, I think I've lost weight. or I just feel better. They don't have a blender for my shakes though so I'm gonna get one from the mission. 

I love you Mom! I miss you! Talk to you next week.


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