Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

T...t...t...Transferred! Whaaaat??

Well guys, sorry for the late email this week, we sacrificed our Monday Pday to fulfill our Sister Leader responsibilities and go on exchanges, so it's been a well awaited Pday!

BUT a crazy surprise happened this week!  Sunday night we arrived at our apartment (on time) around 9:00 pm.  I had the surprise of my life!  The Parry's, The Stokers, and Heather Giacalone were all waiting in my front yard to give me a hug and love from Syracuse!  I was speechless, shocked, didn't know what to say!  Couldn't believe it!  I remember saying "What are you doing here!  Oh my Gosh" over and over!  I love it!  Here is proof that they love me and came all the way to Blue Springs, MO to tell me!  I love them! ( the pictures are a little blurry but they truly came to see me!!) Having the surprise was the weirdest thing ever!  I looked awful too!   It had been a long hot day and you are all so lucky I am NOT a homesick missionary!  I was completely fine afterwards.  Sister Olesen was in shock and I just kept apologizing to her after hahaha!  We went into our apartment and had some great laughs.  My only regret one thing, that I didn't bear my testimony to them as a full time missionary.  Next time they see me I will be released and I only wish I would have done that.  I was thinking about it all night, as silly as it sounds!
So this email is going to be quite short today, this week was awesome. We found 7 new investigators, Shane is on date for baptism, Angela Cook is soon to be a returning member, we've had some wicked awesome lessons and we were stoked to see the miracles that we're gonna happen for the Fleming Park Ward. BUT, none of that really applies anymore because we got transfer calls this morning and Sister Olesen and I will both be getting transferred.   No more sisters in Fleming Park, so it will all be in the Elders hands now. :( 
Emily Peterson - one of my favorites in the YSA Ward!

Josh Mack!
Always great to see Sister Allred again!
I am going to Overland Park, Kansas to serve In the Shawnee Missouri Singles YSA Ward, and the Overland Park 2nd Ward, and will continue to be a Sister Training Leader with my new companion Sister Coats. Sister Olesen will be going to Lees Summit 2nd Ward and continue to serve in the LBR Singles Branch.  Sister Olesen and I were bummed.  We kept screaming at the phone.  I was supposed to finish here and Sister O and I were supposed to be together for 3!  The Lord just has a sense of humor doesn't he!

We are so sad, we've really got some great work going on but the Lord had a different plan. I have my short 2 transfers here, I will miss this place. Today we will be packing up the entire apartment and all our stuff! I'll talk to you on Monday! The work of the Lord rolls forth.

Make it a great day.. The church is true regardless of sad transfers!  Off to a new adventure!  Love you all!

Xoxo, Sister Flink


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