Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, May 12, 2014

Bad Weather, Rainy Days... But We Keep Bikin On!

Hello my wonderful family and friends!
How are you? I miss each of you individually.
It all about the skirts and helmets.  Doesn't get any better than this!
Well, another week down here in Cameron, Missouri. It's a rainy day today but very very green.   Its so beautiful!  This week has been HOT, and we have been on bikes, working hard.  Many of you would be proud.. riding in a skirt on a bike in 100 degree weather ain't easy. People laugh at us.. :( I tell them in my head that someday they will regret that.. hahaha. It has been a great week though! 
We had 3 investigators at church on Sunday - two of them are being baptized on June 7th! They committed this week. Salvation of many souls.. its beautiful! Also we had 3 less active families we saw this week come to church, none of them have been in years. I couldn't help but smile and hug my companion and say, "ya done good."   We did a little service - yard work this week!  It is always fun to serve others!
Doing some yard work with the Williams! Lots of flowers! 

Kaitlyn and Me! She's a crazy little girl

We were able to go down to the Liberty Jail this week, the power and reality of the prophet Joseph burned into my soul. My dad served here - he knows what I'm talking about. This ground here in Missouri is a sacred place, I am so honored to be here. Just like in the doctrine and covenants, section 58, that was the day Joseph Smith announced Independence Missouri as Zion. Can you believe I am preparing that ground for the second coming of the savior? We have an investigator named Tawny and she always says "I love ya'll. but I love Jesus, and Jesus ain't comin' back to Missouri. Ya'll are crazy Mormons, I do love you though." And I say, "Tawny, I love you too. But the day that happens.. because it will.. I cant wait to see you."
Us and Tawny at the liberty Jail with Sister Zinkand that took us. She's a wild one, hence the Peace Sign!
Well - I love you all. If there is anything I could ever leave you with it would be the truthfulness of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ here on the earth. We have it, we have all the things we need. It blesses our lives beyond measure, i would never be able to say that if I didn't know 100% with my whole heart and soul that it is true, and Jesus Christ lives. He is our savior. He has established his church back on the earth, and we must partake and see if it is not joyful and sweet. 
I want to introduce you to a few of my favorite people/families here in Cameron! 
Bishop Jameson's family!  Love them!

We had dinner at the Savannah Vanbrunt.  The Vanbrunt family basically my second home out here!  She reminds me of Alexi

Weston never wants you to forget that Jesus Loves You!
I love you all. Have a fantastic week.


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