Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

One Of The Greatest Weeks On My Mission - Up To This Point!

Hello again!  Another week down!

This week was AWESOME. One of the greatest weeks on my mission up to this point I think. We have just been really blessed with lots of miracles.   On Tuesday, we were able to go to the temple as a mission because of President Keyes leaving. It was the greatest blessing. In the center place of Zion, combined with 100+ servants of the Lord, standing in the Temple, it was a powerful experience. I am so grateful to have temples and have such a sacred on holy place available to us.
Sister Buckhave and I at Kansas City Temple

I got to see Sister Moody!  Love Mooders!!

The District and Zone Leaders at the Temple
The FAMOUS Elder Kaffi!
Garrett, a 17 year old the Elders have been teaching, was baptized on Saturday, it was beautiful. Cheryl and Joseph came to see what it was like so they know what to expect on the 7th!  She can't wait! We will be having 4 baptisms in June! Can you believe it?!

The Gardner Family!  Visitor Center in Independence Missouri. Cheryl will be baptized June 7th! (Cheryl is in the Orange Shirt)

MISSIONARY DREAM #1. Alright I am just going to skip to Sunday because it was a straight MIRACLE day guys! uh huh. So first off we had 5 investigators at church, Yeah! Larry called us after church as said, "Hey girls. you are angels from heaven. I just wanna say that when I left church today I had a feeling inside me thats so different that I cant describe it. It was good. I was a warm feeling inside a cold room. Ill be back next week - this is the church for me."

MISSIONARY DREAM #2. Abbey, Garrett's sister walks up to us at church and says, "Hey Sisters. I need to talk to you about baptism. When can you start teaching me?"   Yeah, I know! Incredible!   I don't know what we did to deserve the miracles but Heavenly Father blessed us this week. I hope you all have a great one, Happy Memorial Day! The church is true!

Here are some fun pictures of my week.  Can't describe the love I have for my dear friend Lisa!  She has grown so much and the gospel has brought her so much peace, happiness, and pure joy!  The power of repentance is real and our Heavenly Father loves each of us as his children!
My Dearest Lisa and I!
This is my Throne!  I am bringing this chair home with me from my Mission!
Silly Girls  Remember to Love and Laugh!

Love Always, Sister Flink


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