Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sacred Experience - Blessing from Brother Johnson

While I was emailing you from the church in Cameron, Sister Buckhave and I just had a sacred experience. Brother Johnson came to the church to give Sister B a blessing.  After it was done,  he looked at me and said "Do you want one too?" I wasn't planning on it, but he grabbed my hand and had me sit down. He said that Heavenly Father wants me to receive this blessing, because he wants me to know some things.

As Brother Johnson laid his hands on my head,  I was overcome with the spirit.  He starting the blessing and he starting crying and said, "Heavenly Father loves you very much Dear Sister!"  I will tell you some of the things he said in the blessing:
"You were fore ordained to be here, this is your mission. You will finish your mission and return home safely, your family at home loves you and supports you. Your family that is beyond the veil is sweeping your path, especially those holding priesthood authority, they are with you. I bless you with health, physical especially. (and he said that 3 times throughout the blessing) You will be a faithful mother in Israel Sister Flink.  You will be married in the temple and will find a mate to take you there. Sister Flink, demons begin to scatter when you are around, do not ever forget that. One day you will have  a reunion with your Heavenly Father and hands laid on your head and you will be ordained a queen. Sister Flink, you were a valiant daughter in the pre mortal life, Heavenly Father knows your good heart, he knows your pure desires and your love to serve him. Your posterity will call you blessed and there will be many."
I needed this blessing today!
This is Lisa's little baby named Madeline!
Our Invisible Glasses!  Satan can't find us! 
Playing Nephites and Lamanites with Army men from the Dollar Store with the Martin Boys!


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