Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, March 30, 2015

He Is Not Here, For He Is Risen!

Hola my friends and family! I sure hope you all had a spectacular week! I can't believe it's already almost April.  Always a great time at District Meeting!

Facebook Post by Sister Connie Hall March 25th at 6:02 pm - "These two Sisters have a huge announcement but since they can't do Facebook I get to give the announcement!"  BAPTISM this coming Saturday at 9:00 am.  Yes, I know it's early but branch president want to be there!  WHO???  Keith Lurten!   
Well, Keith Lurten got baptized this Saturday! What a tender mercy from the Lord. Let me tell you a little about it. When Keith finally decided to be baptized, we set a date for the 5th. We ran out SO excited, until we realized that was conference weekend and it wouldn't work. So we called him to see if the next weekend would work, and he is going out of town for drill. We were so bummed! Putting it off 3 weeks for no apparent reason, that's just more time for Satan to work on him right? So we told our leaders about it, they called the AP's, who then asked President, and gave us permission to baptize Keith that Saturday even though he had only been living the word of wisdom for a week and a half. (the rule is two weeks) He said, If he's ready, and living the word of wisdom and will keep living it, get him baptized. MIRACLE! We ran over to the Lurtens, told them, whipped up a baptismal program, and it was held at 9:00 am on Saturday morning. He was so happy, he was just gleaming. The most beautiful part is that if he will stay faithful to his covenants, his entire families life will changed for the eternities. They plan on going to the temple in 2 weeks. The gospel is beautiful.

I have a feeling I am going to get transferred on April 1st!  I love Sister Davis!  We have had the best time together!  So many miracles! 
So great to have Sister Allred come back for Keith's baptism!  I love her!
We have had such a busy week with the baptism, finishing up Keith's Lessons, the Women's Broadcast (which was awesome by the way), and teaching the Combined lesson yesterday in the Branch. We taught about missionary work and the importance of the members, Sister Davis was very soft spoken and gentle, I wasn't so much. I was a little more iron fist, completely out of love though of course! Lets just say if I get transferred this Tuesday, I left with a bang and the members know they need to step it up! This is the work of the Lord, and it is far too important to be scared to share. My favorite line, "Are we too afraid of offending that we never, ever, save them?"
The church has come out with the Because He Lives Initiative for Easter Sunday. And just like I committed the members yesterday during the lesson, I am asking all of you to please spread the good news of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ this Easter. Go to Helives.mormon.org and watch the video. Then share, post it on facebook, tell your friends about it, and bear your testimony of the Savior who has risen, and what he does for you TODAY. 

I don't represent him for the things he did in the Bible, although I treasure those stories, I represent him for what he does for me today, because he lives. He lives brothers and sisters, he is here.
"Everything changed because the tomb was empty. Everything." Elder Renlund
I know the Savior lives. I know he died for us, and he rose on the third day. I know it was the most glorious event in the history of the world, that because he lives, we too will live. If we have done what we have been asked to do, we will live with our families and with God and Jesus Christ in glory. Because he lives, we can be succored, we can be comforted, we can be made whole. I am so grateful for the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ, of the profound truths that are available to all Help share the true meaning of this Easter season, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by sharing #BecauseHeLives
I love the cars in Missouri, Albany area! 
Building that caved in on the Square in Albany, over 100 years old
I love you all! Have a wonderful week!  Sister Flink
My Great Grandpa Flink passed away this week!  I will miss him and know that I will see him again!  What a great example of service, hardwork, and dedication to his beliefs  I am so blessed to have this handsome Dutchman as my Grandpa!  I am glad that he is with my Grandma Flink now and I can have them watch over me!
ADRIAN FLINK FEB 3, 1922-MARCH 29, 2015 - AGE OF 93 
In lieu of flowers, donate to your ward missionary fund.


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