Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter and The Ore Family - RLDS Faith

I have a 1 way ticket to Cameron - No train heading to Syracuse!
The Ore Family is friends with some of the members in our ward.  They belong to the RLDS ( Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) faith and have always been against the LDS faith, up until this point.  They have been born into the RLDS, their grandparents and ancestors are all members of the RLDS faith.  It is truly all they have known, until their entire world was flipped upside down last year.  Last year the RLDS announced they would be giving women the priesthood and then just recently they announced they would be giving all same-gender attractions the priesthood.  The Ore family, along with many others walked out of the church that day.  So the Ore family, especially the sweet Mother, are a little lost and confused.  It was interesting cause Sister Maine talked all about following the Prophet during Sacrament today.  The Mom and Dad came to our gospel principals class and expressed how we believe all the same things.  She said very emotionally,
"But we have a Prophet too.  We have 12 Apostles too!"
So they just don't know what to do.  They know what's going on right now is not right, but they have always been taught to "Follow the Prophet" just like us!  They said, "What if your Prophet came out tomorrow and announced something like that?"  They have so many questions.  Everything they have ever known is changing.  I just could not imagine.  This Mother's heart was breaking for her family, and we are the only ones who have the Book of Mormon.  Their son, Garrett, knows the church is right and is leading his family in the right direction.

Today I have been humbled and so grateful that I am teachable and understand the gospel. I am so lucky to be a Missionary in the Independence Missouri Mission!

So Mom, I am going to answer a long list of your questions - (I'd love too!  It's just the answer you were expecting)  It get so frustrating because we have to email from the Cameron Library and they kick us off after an hour. So I never have time to email everyone back and then we only have about an hour to write letters before everyone meets up at the church to play basketball.  So I always feel bad!
1.  Daily Scripture Study - we study for a few hours in the morning, contact potential investigators, visit members, do some service, go tracting, and then come what may.  It is so different yet the same everyday ~ haha
2. Travis and Mandy - we aren't teach either of them right now.  Sadly, they are on our radar, we just can't get in touch with them.  We have excellent people in our teaching pool right now though, just a matter of getting appointment.
3.  Baptisms - none yet!  We have 4 on date though!  Should be happening here soon- especially Kelly.  We found her tracting and she is so solid.  I love her.  She will be baptized in a few weeks no prob! 
4.  Personal Blessings - you know its amazing, the more you truly learn out of deep study, the stronger the reality of these teachings and things Christ suffered for us becomes.  Obviously, the Savior's life with this beautiful Easter week helps me focus on the importance of the Resurrection.  Being a Missionary is really the greatest Mom.  And that's all you know how to explain it unless you have served.  Also, in our lesson with Kellie, after we were done, I asked her to pray and ask specifically if baptism was the right choice for her.  What a powerful moment!  For the first time, I felt a real burning in my bosom!  There was a power and truth and she felt it.  She feels comfortable with her baptism date.

Thank you for the package Mommy!  I loved it so so much!  You know me so well, knowing I am already sick of this wardrobe and didn't want junk, but clothes, jewelry and girly stuff!  You are the greatest Mom!  Man, I am blessed beyond measure with an amazing family. And I LOVED your letter with the pictures and quotes - I always put it in my journal.  I love you MOM- thank you a million times!
Easter in Cameron MO 2014
I am having a Nephew! (Good Jeebers)  I am STOKED!  So Awesome!  I love him already! 
It's a Boy- Due Sept 16th!  So excited to be a Aunt!
The people who comment of  FB are members of the ward out here!  Megan Martin is a very recent convert with 3 cute boys.  We love her.  She is so solid, already been to the temple.  And Candi Williams is a member!  She feeds us a lot .  Can you believe how fast time flies?  Jeesh...

Oh yea.. Elder Bowthrope ran away P-day last week.  We all went on a wild chase to find him.  We did, but he already had his bags packed, street clothes on, and he was done.  He is so Awesome, but wasn't happy here and I dunno, whatever.  He is home now.

Transfers are coming up next week.  Sister Moody will probably get transferred to the Visitors Center and I will stay here in Cameron and get a new companion!  Sister Moody and I are soul mates.  I will miss her! We have had some hilarious times this week, Sister Booty and I!  I will send some pictures we drew!!

Models or Missionaries?
I hope everything is going well this Easter week.  I love and miss everyone.  I hope everything is going well out in Utah.

The Church is True, the Book is Blue, and I love you!

Always,  Sister Flink


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