Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, April 7, 2014

We Moustache You a Question~

I have a MOUSTACHE ~Therefore I AM!
Hi everyone! All my loved ones!

Well- I wish I could say a lot has happened this week but it simply hasn't. We have had a tough go this week. We are having a really tough time getting our investigators to make and keep commitments.  We have so many great people but unfortunately none of them will come to church or have a real desire to know the truth of the gospel. Its really hard because I love all of them. Penny, the one person we had on baptism date dropped us out of nowhere and told us she didn't want us coming by anymore, Angelica's parents came to the door and told us not to come back, and then the same thing happened with another teenage girl we had been teaching. So its been hard, and we've basically been tracting all week long to find some new people. Which isn't the easiest thing to do. Its amazing how heartbroken you become when people don't embrace the gospel and do the things they know to be right, I can just imagine how our heavenly father feels for us when we choose not to follow him full heartedly.
"Work, work, work, pray, pray, pray. study, study, study."
Conference was awesome though right? I loved every second! I realized that I never appreciated conference enough when I was younger, as a missionary you truly appreciate it and the fact that we are the only ones with a living prophet that speaks to us! One miracle did happen though- We were discouraged at conference because none of our investigators showed up and Mandy texted us and said "sorry im slow to get back. come over tomorrow, I miss you guys!" YES. I believe in mandy. she has much potential. Also, we saw another investigator at the right time today at walmart and she told us to come by as well. So we are crossing our fingers for this week.
My Zone while serving in Cameron, Missouri
Love the sticky notes left for us!

Anyways, the gospel is a beautiful thing! may we never forget to share the gospel with love to everyone. Lift where you stand, bloom where you are planted my lovely friends and family! and ALWAYS always be kind, you may forget the kind words you said today, but the reciprocate with remember them for a lifetime.
Bloom where you are planted
I love you all! Pray, Read. and Devote your lives to your Heavenly Father. For we are indebted to him.
See you soon!

Sister Flink


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