Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Friday, April 25, 2014

Journal Entries - April 5th-April13th

April 5th- Happy Conference Weekend!  Best time of the year!  Conference today was absolutely fantastic.  Elder Holland's talk was so powerful (as usual) but he talked about how we need to defend faith.  You know the way all the 70's and Apostles speak is so interesting because all their topics scream one thing to my heart~ "Be prepared and solid in a foundation of faith, there are very hard and trying times coming our way!"  I know there is.  As the gospel grows stronger, so does Satan!  Men's hearts shall fail them!  What does Heavenly Father need me to learn?  Man, these past few days have been tough!  We just aren't seeing success.  The few investigators we do have just don't seem to be progressing or trying to go anywhere.  We can't get them to meet with us or come to church or have a real desire.  And when we tract, we give lots of pamphlets and our numbers, but nobody cares or wants to know more!  The hardest thing is that every single door in Cameron as been knocked and knocked.  Everyone has seen the missionaries before.  We are just walking on dry ground and I know the moto~
"Pray, Pray Pray"
"Study, Study, Study"
"Work, Work, Work"
I know Heavenly Father is trying to teach me something!  Patience? Humility? Long Suffereing? Dilligence?  I just want people to teach, like really teach.  Not just doorstep 3minute little scpill but someone who sincerely want and need to know more!  I need strength, but its OK because we are going to keep working, praying, and showing our love for Heavenly Father and his children.  I know my Heavenly Father will never fail me, so I can not fail him!   Press Forward Saints -
April 6th -"What mattered to him was that I was doing the BEST I could, that my heart was inclined toward him, and that I was willing to help those around me.  I knew if I did the BEST I could, all would be well"  ~ Dieter F Uchtdorf
Today was the Sunday Session of General Conference which means that naturally, today, was exactly what Sister Moody and I needed.  Refinement and a boost of "you can do this" and we got this!  None of our "investigators" mainly just people we invited didn't show up....breaks my heart!  We even texted them all to remind them.  But we accepted it and watched conference with happy hearts and it was fabulous and actually in the middle of conference Mandy texted us and told us we could come over Wednesday!  So that was a little miracle for our sad hearts! 
We had dinner at the Vanbrunts (FAVS) and it just makes me feel so at home!  They talk and quote movies and interact just like me, Kenna, and Kailee do!  Makes me miss my Sissy's.  They tease Sister Vanbrunt for little things and Brother Vanbrunt just laughs!  Just like at home on Sunday nights~

April 8th~ "Sorry Sister Hartman, we don't know why we are so darn giggly today!  (elbows me)  When we get laughing, sometimes we just can't stop!" ~ Sister Moody
Today was an interesting day!  We spent most of the day out in Osborn and Maysville, our other areas.  We tracted and contacted some less actives.  Our day started off with 3 huge dogs attacking our car as we tried to drive away.  One dog was missing a leg and was blind.  No wonder he was freaking crazy  biting our tires and jumping on our car and running circles around the car as we tried to drive away.  I was freaking out. THEN, we went to see a less active and she is a huge cat lady (like everyone out here) and as we sat down a cat jumped on me.  Sister Moody being a great soul grabbed the cat because she knows I not fond of cats,  When she picked it up it accidently flipped backwards and slammed the cats head on the table.  We about died laughing.  Luckily Sister Hartman didn't see but she just couldn't understand why we couldn't stop giggling and what was so funny.  It's one of those situation that you shouldn't be laughing so it makes you laugh harder...it was almost uncontrollable to the point where I kept fake coughing to stop and just ended up making these weird noises.  Sister Hartman would just look at us and say, "I am so glad you two are so happy today!"
We have a new investigator - Tuia's brought her over for dinner, her name is Rebecca!
Today was finally a great day that we have been praying for!  We got an appointment with Lisa!  We love Lisa!  She is such a sweetheart.  I wrote about her before and how she had a very difficult life and still does.  So today we talked to her and taught about the importance of baptism and why she truly needs the constant companion of the Holy Ghost in her life.  The spirit was so strong.  Lisa has some Word of Wisdom issues and she lives with Tucker (abusive relationship) and has been trying to get out.  We set goals for smoking and how she will be able to quit with Christ's help and Lisa decided she wanted to set her goal date to be baptized by May 14th ~ her daughters birthday! 
President Keyes always says..."It  is a great day to be a missionary!"

April 12th-Today was a funny day!  Funny times~
Pudding Lady!  We meet pudding lady while tracting today.  Didn't even phase her- she didn't even care that she had pudding all over her face.  Weirdest/strangest moment on my mission thus far!

Sister Moody and I were walking down the street:
"You girls look sooo purty!"
"Oh Thank You...
"Where's your dates?"
"Oh, we are missionaries!'  haha!
"My bad!  I thought you were going to Prom!" 

HaHa...dressed like this?  Maybe a Polygamist Prom!  It was a great day full of laughter!

April 13~  "And by their fruits ye shall know them!"
Can I just say how incredibly grateful I am to not only be born into the gospel, but to be born into the true and only true on the earth!  Wow!  We had a cool experience at church today!
1.  Lisa came to church!
2.  Jamie came and brought her husband, Shannon. 
3.  The Ore Family came to church.

I am grateful that I know this is the true church and we have all the pieces to the puzzle.  We will never be lead astray because this is Christ's true church and we never have to worry.  It as been a humbling day

Always~  Sister Flink


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