Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Alpha and Omega!

Hello to the Ones I love!

Well- as you know last week was a tough one. Felt like success was a hard thing to find. But this week the Lord has showered us with blessings and people ready to receive us. 

First off - we had zone conference. And I would just like to say.. I am the first missionary out of all the new ones to pass off her lessons and memorizations. The average is 12 weeks - and I got done in 3! So I had to brag because I thought It was pretty cool... :)

Sister Ray, Sister Flink, Sister Moody.  Two other beautiful Sister Missionaries!

Sisters in Zion!  Amazing to see all those Beautiful Sister Missionaries

Sister Ray and Sister Flink!  Taylor and Nikki were friends when they were little!  We owned our first boat with their family and enjoyed many boating trips and great times with the Ray family before they moved to Georgia!
I haven't told you much about Lisa because we haven't been able to get in contact with her for awhile. But we finally did and she let us come over and teach her. Lisa is an amazing woman - she is been through a lot in her lifetime. Many things I would never wish on anyone. She is familiar with our church and says that she knows there is much good. As we began to teach her and talk with her- the power of the atonement filled her soul. She knew she wasn't alone - we committed her to baptism on May 14th. She has a few things she needs to work on but she wanted to be baptized on her daughters birthday - so that's the goal. I love her. She is the strongest woman I have ever met, and she came to church yesterday!

Now this is cool.. the night when we finished teaching her we received this text message,
"I have been reading from the Book of Mormon and watching LDS.org. Tucker (her abusive boyfriend she's living with) told me he doesn't want me around as long as I follow my heart and my Christ. He laughed at me when I told him how I felt the holy ghost. He said am I supposed to believe that? I said I don't care if you do or not, I said my lord knows and that's all that matters. I was paying the bills after you left and God left me something that will provide a way to get me and my kids out of this and on our own. I could not believe it.. I know god did that! I received over 9 thousand dollars. Also.. at the post office I ran into my old boss and he offered me my job back in Cameron." 

Look at that!! The lord blessed her so tremendously because she made the commitment to follow him, she took that leap of faith and she was rewarded. Amazing. 

We also found 3 new investigators this week from street contacting, and we had a lesson with Sarah at 10:00 AM yesterday and she committed to baptism on May 10th.. MIRACLES.
Although I have been sick with a horrible head cold - the lord never forgets us. It was a good week.
"No other mission in the world has the privilege of preparing the exact place where the savior will come, and be. THIS IS  the alpha and omega mission. And it is a great day to be a missionary."
I love you all!! Also, GO WATCH "because of him" on LDS.org. it is a beautiful video the church put out for Easter- share it with everyone. Make it clear we love the savior, we are Christians, and our gospel can bless every single life on this planet.
Being a REAL returned missionary is a title you earn, it is not an endurance. it is something you work for - If you do not earn that title, you will only be 18 months older when you return.
I love you all - Have a great week.


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