Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Saturday, June 7, 2014

1st Baptism = Cheryl Gardner!

Hey Mom!
This week has flown by.  I can't believe it is already Monday again.  But it is a good thing.  Pretty quick here I'll be hitting my 3 month mark.  Mission time is the weirdest thing to experience.   There is no way it has been 3 months already but then again it does feel like 3 months.  We are getting into the heat dead humid summer out here.  It seriously stresses me out!  I never want to face it haha!  Still praying for a car...it is funny because a lot of people say "Yeah, they never had the sisters ride bikes" or "the Elders shouldn't even consider making you ride bikes."  It's funny because our Elders don't even give a crap!  They're still boys at heart...haha!  I loved your letter this week!  They are always the best letter!  Sound like you had a great and fun week!  Especially boating!  one day..one day!  Someone said something yesterday and I said, "Yeah, I remember when I used to watch TV..haha! 

Well, we had 6 investigators at sacrament meeting yesterday.  That rocked!  This week we had our final interview with President Keyes before out new one come in.  I went great.  We actually talked about good old Rexi and Vonda.  They are good friends.  Sister Keyes loves Vonda!  I told her how much I do too!  He asked me how I liked Cameron and we talked.  I am guessing it's probably 50/50 if I get transferred or stay in Cameron.  I'll know on the 10th.  Presidents interview, in a nutshell, was basically this,
"You are a wonderful missionary Sister Flink.  You are loved by many.  Grab onto missionary work with two hands and full force and be all in!  You are doing great work in Cameron.  The Lord loves you!"
Cheryl's baptism is this Saturday, June 7th.  We, and her too, are so stoked!  The baptismal font here in Cameron is a little ...outdated.  So the water might be freezing cold and a little dirty, but we'll figure it all out.  1st Baptism=Cheryl Gardner!  Yay!

Lisa is technically still on date for the 14th of June, but she moved to Winston.  So sad because it is out of our area!  She still comes here for us to teach her though.  So she will actually be baptized into the Gallatin Ward but...I am still counting her as my baptism although the numbers say otherwise!  She is mine!  I don't know if she'll hit the 14th date (word of wisdom stuff) but it won't be too long.  She is so happy and moved out and starting a new life, so that's all that matters!

The main people we are working with is the Gardner family, Lisa, Jennifer and Daniel.  Darren, Marne, and Abbey Ourth (our RLDS Family).  Jennifer Gardner is progressing well.  Her fiancé, Daniel is a less active member, but still has a testimony.  Jennifer told us last night that she as a desire to be baptized!  Tonight we are teaching her the law of chastity.  Wish us luck because they live together, but it will all be good!  She really liked church.

Yesterday, we did a mission wide fast to better understand the importance of the sacrament.  I know that I totally took it for granted until I came on my mission -like most thing.  I have gained such a testimony of the Sabbath day and making church a priority.  They will never progress without it and neither will we.

Sister Johnson ran and gave me a huge giant bear hug and said, "This is from your MOM! Haha, it was so cute!  They're really great but sadly they are moving on the 16th of June.  Our last dinner with them will be on Father's Day!

Veronica is doing great!  She is going to YW and church and she is a lot happier.  The gospel does that!  We have a pretty good week coming up.  Lots of appointments and good solid people that are ready for the gospel. So we are excited!  It will be great!  Well, I hope all is well and everyone is happy!  Tell them I love them all!  Have a great Mom and I love you!

Sister Flink


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