Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, June 30, 2014

"This isn't missionary work, this is missionary fun." Neil L. Anderson‏

Hey dear family and friends!

I hope ya'll had a fabulous week. I know we did!  This week truly was great. And it went by fast!

So, Rachelle is on fire. She is progressing so well. Her baptism this Saturday is going to be at 4:00. Everyone is excited for her, especially us of course. And heavenly father! She wants to sing at her own baptism, so.. She is singing at her own baptism, that's how cool she is. We taught gospel principles on Sunday and she testified of the truthfulness of the gospel the whole time, everyone was like, "who is this girl? she needs to be a missionary now!" Its true. She has been getting some serious baggage from her family about joining the church but she is staying strong and she knows what is right. She is one of the Goldens.

Travis and Tawny!
Meet Travis!  I just love him!  Working hard to get him back to church!
Travis and Abbey are both progressing so well. Abbey is ready to get baptized, like yesterday. Just waiting for the parents hearts to soften at this point. We will work on the best approach for that this coming week. Travis is coming slowly but surely. We took him down to the Visitors Center in Independence last night and it went well. It may have not been a huge thing, but he felt the spirit. I know he did, he just needs to keep acting and keep letting his faith grow, and for Travis its only a matter of time. He would be one I would say to pray for! I love that guy, he deserves the gospel.

We got cool news that we will be getting a mini missionary here in a few weeks. The stake president called us and said, "We consider very carefully who we send the mini missionaries too, we pray, we work through and talk to your zone leaders, the bishop, and the mission presidency. So be aware that you two are of the best and we are glad she gets to be with you." Awesome, right? That was really humbling. I know there is so many other wonderful sisters who should probably get this before me, but I am excited to learn. She'll be staying with us for 4 days.
New mission president came in on Saturday, have yet to meet him but we will see what the next few months brings. New church policy worldwide: Missionaries must now teach all 5 lessons BEFORE baptism. Used to only be 1-4. That shows me that the lord wants true conversion, baptisms in quality not quantity.
Sister Buckhave and I - Farr West
Had a spiritual feast at the Independence Visitor's Center
Best Momma Hug ever!  Love The Barkers & Janine!
Spending the afternoon with the Barkers
Well, good things continue to happen. The Lord continues to bless us. Cameron is a wonderful area, there sure is work to do no matter how small, no matter how many times the doors have been knocked through. The savior makes up for it all. "Above all, never lose faith in your father in heaven who loves you more than you can comprehend." Jeffery R. Holland
After my amazing visit with the Barker Family, I headed off with Sister Buckhave to the Independence Visitor Center!  Had a spiritual feast with Travis and Abbey!  WE had the opportunity to sing as Sister in Zion "I Stand All Amazed!"  It was a beautiful experience!  Loved seeing Sister Moody again!  Great day!

Well, I LOVE YOU. I truly do. Stay happy! The church is true. I know it, and I know that god knows it. Let us press forward.

Kiss for my Momma!

Sister Flink


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