Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, June 23, 2014

Our feet are steady, and our eyes are on the Lord.‏

This week was a good one. 2 Sunday's ago we had a girl come to church named Rachell, she's 21, super cute, and she seemed really interested. Sister Buckhave and I jumped right on that. We had a tough time getting in with her but we finally did this last Monday night, she is AWESOME. You know when you are told over and over that you will find the people prepared to receive the restored gospel? Well, we have found people obviously, but Rachelle is the first one yet that completely shows that. She was so prepared by the lord. When we taught the restoration, she just lit up. It made everything up to this point worth it. It was one of those "this is what its all about" mission moments. The hole she didnt even know she had was filled. The spirit took her over and she embraced it. Teaching the plan of salvation went the same way, her eyes went big, her jaw dropped, she cried tears of happiness because she was finally learning the truth. Everything makes complete sense to her, she is so hungry for truth and ready to learn all of it. She keeps her commitments, she reads, she prays, she comes to church. We invited her to be baptized and she said, "OH YES! As soon as possible girls!"

Well, that soon as possible is on the 5th of July. Yes, another solid baptism coming soon to the Cameron ward!

We had a great lesson with the Ourth family this week, they are RLDS. Talked about authority and priesthood, they are coming along well. Starting to understand and feel the spirit and what the fruits of the truth really is. Abbey is 13 and she is more than ready to be baptized, the parents are supportive but just not ready yet. I estimate it will come at the end of July though.

Its really hot and humid, its interesting that when we were on bikes tuesday and it starting POURING on us, I wasnt even mad. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We've done alot of service this week. Community dinner, yard work, cutting trees.

Good-bye President and Sister Keyes! 
This next week our new mission president will be coming in. We will see what that brings! Cheryl is still doing great, she got her patriarchal blessing yesterday!

This church is true, Jesus Christ is our savior. Come unto christ, come unto him. And by his grace be made holy again. When you feel his love you'll never be the same.

Love, Sister Flink


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