Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Hey Friends and Family-
Well, I am still here in Cameron for another transfer. This will be my 3rd transfer here. This week we had one appointment.. yes, ONE. We spent most of our time tracking, and trying to talk to whoever we could. Seems like we couldn't get a hold of any of our investigators and couldn't get any appointments. We were scrambling to find people to talk too and share the gospel with. We talked to many, but few were interested or wanted to listen. We kept going, kept talking, kept testifying, not much success. Made for some long and discouraging days but we made it through! This is missionary life!
Funny story actually, Sister Monzano is a member who loves us so much, and we had her for dinner. She started asking us how the work was going and I think she sensed we were a bit discouraged, so we had a great talk and lesson with her. It was almost like she was teaching us! We left feeling edified and ready to keep going.. and we walked out to our car to find an EGG splattered all over our windshield. Yes, someone threw an egg at us. And it was beginning to cook on the mission car, at this point we were so done with this week, so we could either laugh or cry. We chose to laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Then we prayed for them. haha! I thought, if your going to throw an egg at me, that's fine, but you forget the bread and salt and pepper.
If I learned one thing this week, is that we cannot afford to give up on the savior, he never gave up on us. and he never will. Isn't it interesting how that works? the hard days and the hard times come when we have the open heart, that is when we can truly learn about Jesus Christ. How close he really is, how much he really suffered, and how much he really loves us, if we just endure to the end. If I didn't know that, if I didn't know with all my heart this gospel is true and how much it can bless our lives, this mission would never be worth it. So I am grateful to be a representative of my Savior. He knows us one by one.
I love you all! have a great week.
Disgusting HUGE spider in our apartment.

Larry gave us flowers


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