Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Goodbye Overland Park, Kansas! Hello Albany, Missouri‏!

I will forever love and cherish my time in Lenexa KS and serving in the Indian Creek Ward!  Look out Albany, Missouri - Here I come!  Ready to work hard!  Here is my new address:
Sister Nikki Flink
2832 558th Road
Albany, Missouri, 64402
Good-bye Diana and Ian
Good-bye to the Gudjenovs Family
Good-bye to the Squires Family! 

Sister McKendrick and Meg
Love him!
Sister Morris and my favorite Cheetah!
Nap time!  Shhhhh!

Momma Steinle!
It was a surprise, I thought for sure that I would stay but I know that this is inspired of Heavenly Father. Well, I got transferred folks. I am in Albany, Missouri. Population 1,000.There isn't a ward out here, it is just a small branch. About 50 people were at church yesterday which sounds like a decent number until you walk into the chapel and it looks pretty bare. I am literally 10 minutes from the Iowa border, this is what they call the 'Armpit' of the mission. We d have don't P-Day with anybody else because it takes two hours just to reach any other missionaries or areas. We have a set of senior sisters that serve here with us and they give us rides alot because it takes over an hour to get to the surrounding towns we cover, and we don't have the miles to get out there. The people here are good old country folk, its refreshing and nice. I am happy to be here! I have been forewarned by many that it gets tough out here, but I have learned so much about mindset and positivity. I know there is people that are prepared here, and alot of potential in this small little branch.

I will be sending a few things home soon!  My luggage is getting full!

I'm taking Sister Bott with me!

I love her!  What a great companion!

Will miss Sister Hansen too!

My Kansas Girls!  Love you!
Love Sister Bott HUGS!  I will miss her a lot!
Elder Kaffi is always so kind to help me with my luggage!

Elder Kaffi! 

I was welcomed back to a Missouri with a friendly hick town welcome, a less active family in the branch asked if we would help them GUT A DEER. So.... we said no way. Just kidding, we did it and I've never laughed harder.
This is for you Jerrod!  I will be a pro by the time I get home!

We had 4 thanksgiving dinners and I was about to explode, just when I thought I couldn't eat anymore, we talked in the last one and they had a whopping plate of food,, and asked us to heat it up in the microwave. It was a great thanksgiving though. And I have so many things to be grateful for!
Sister Allred, my new companion, is awesome! We came out together actually and sat next to each other on the plane on the way to Missouri. And now we are companions! We are pretty similar and I'm excited to see what great work we'll do together.
Beginning our adventure 9 months ago!  Now we are companions together! Let our adventure begin!
Well, I love you all. I am beyond grateful for you and your example and support to me. You are always in my prayers and thoughts. Always remember your Savior Jesus Christ, it is all about him. Its not about what you want, because you have a will but your will is not your fathers. I challenge all of you to give your will to him so he may guide you, bless you, and prosper you in all you do.

Xoxo Sister Flink

P.S. I will hit my 9 months this week! WHAT.

Hey MOM!  Wow, so many fun pics I was able to look at this morning. Super thankful for that!

Well, grateful for people who love me and told you that I got transferred. That was the weirdest surprise. Sister Bott and I were shocked. We actually knew 2 hours before the actually call because Sister Bott received a special assignment, and she was getting a new companion but not getting transferred. So we knew I was leaving just didn't know where. I have heard a lot about Albany because my friend, Sister Rackham, was here for 7 months and it was really hard for her. Everyone tells me its a hard area and lonely, but I am loving it. It is good to be back in the country.
President and Sister Vest just surprised the branch and showed up yesterday at sacrament. He made me feel so good. Sister Vest ran up to me and said, "It's your first Sunday here! President said that the best thing about transferring you up here is because he knew he could count on you. And you didn't say any mean words about him sending you out to this place like most missionaries do!" Then president came and the only thing he said was, "Sister Flink, you were so needed here. Trust me." and so that is that. That's Heavenly Father's will for me and I am supposed to be here for a reason. The branch struggles a little with unity.  The branch president says that the missionaries are the ones to bring the spirit to church.    It is needing spunk, sass, and happy vibes! I can do that!!

I was studying and praying about what I needed to do for the area when I read in Ether when they are building the barges, and the brother of Jared is questioning what he should do. And the scripture says, "Go and build as you have hither too built." and that made me understand and realize that I learned so many valuable things in Kansas that needs to be applied here. A lot of member and less active work. So I am happy and excited.
I love your pictures with Mooders. I cried, that makes my heart so happy! I am sure she did absolutely wonderful. Thanks for going up there, that is so exciting.
Thanksgiving looked awesome, so good to pictures of all the fam. Also, you'll have to tell me what Brother Smith said. I LOVE THAT STINKIN' GUY, he's sooo cool. they'll be ones we go visit.
I love you Mom! I am so grateful for you!


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