Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, December 29, 2014

I hope you had a very merry Christmas!

This week was wonderful. I mean, how could it not be? I am a missionary, I am celebrating my saviors birth my sharing his gospel, I get to wear a name tag with my name right next to my saviors, and I get to be with wonderful people. I am grateful for all of you and your emails and cards this Christmas season, it is hard to recall times in my life that I have felt THIS blessed.
Christmas Eve Jammies with the Merseal Family!
It was a wonderful week full of lots of food and laughs. We spent Christmas eve with members and less actives, and.. CAROLING. It was awesome spreading the true meaning of Christmas. Last week, my entire email was my testimony of The Savior Jesus Christ. I just want to confirm that one more time, he lives. He is the savior, he saves. He the bread of life, he sustains. He is the light of the world, he illuminates us. I know that is true and I am a living reality of his power.

Our investigators are making great progress, we finally had someone come to church. This entire transfer we haven't been able to get anyone to come, we committed 4 and 1 one came, it can only go up from here right? Lillie is still working towards baptism and word of wisdom. I am so grateful to have people to teach, I know first hand what its like to have no teaching pool, so with that alone I am counting my many blessings. Its cold out here, but the spirit keeps us warm!

We finally got a Branch Mission Leader, its been about 5 months, and he is just as excited and engaged as we are. The work is going to shoot through to roof over here in Albany. No matter how small the town, their is still prepared souls and we see miracles! Our loving heavenly father is a father of miracles. I do know that. 

We drove 2 hours this week for a pancake breakfast with the stake.. yes, 2 hours, FOR A PANCAKE. Woke up at 5:15. Anything for the work right? Plus, I got to be around other missionaries as well.
The Platte City Missouri Stake Presidency hosted the missionaries from our zone this morning to a pancake breakfast to celebrate their hard work towards baptizing 10 people this month!  If you look close you can see Elder Jeff Hansen from Syracuse.
The Andersons and Bourlands are two less active families that are coming along so well. They are both working towards the temple.  It was a great week folks. The sure are flying by.

I love you all, The Savior lives and he loves unconditionally.

I know someday we will be able to give our Savior and our Heavenly Father a big hug and all the trials, and mountains we climb, will be worth it. I know that.

Xoxo, Sister Flink

Hey mamma.

Can you believe Christmas has come and gone? You just cant say all that we need too in an hour can we? Oh mom, I had just as many emotions as a missionary. Sometimes you think "I don't even want to Skype! I feel like I just want to see them in 8 months that way I don't get homesick." but it always works out. Plus, I would never do that to you! hehe. Sister Allred and I were crying on the way over there cause we were nervous and missed you! It was so great to see everyone. yet hard at the same time because I never know who to talk too!
Off to skype with our families!  We were so nervous and excited at the same time!
It was so great seeing Grandma Kay, I know the Lord has many plans for her when she leaves this mortal life and gains her perfect body and mind again. And cute grandpa.. I love him. Conner is adorable, I am the luckiest aunty in the world. I had to be careful with that one to not get too homesick. Seeing Kenz and Hayden was awesome! I am blessed with such a good mom who wants to make everyone happy.
 I am afraid they will split up our COOL District next week!
It was so good and I love you so much. Grateful I was able to talk to just you and daddy too. By the way, yes, Jeff Hansen is in my district. I remember how  we used to watch W-files with! He is right behind Sister Hall, blue tie!
I had a wonderful Christmas. I was so blessed from all of you. You especially, Kai and PJ, Connor, Kenna and Mitch, Jerrod and Kristen, Grandparents, the Scotts, Mamma Steinle, Mikenzy sent me a package, lots of branch members, Brayden, Mooders, and all those letters! It was so funny, I had opened all the presents and I just kept going back and reading letters. That's what matters the most. Thank you Mamma!
Elder Brayden had a little village lady hand make this for me!  He is currently serving in Malaysia!
We were stuffed, we had meals every two hours on Christmas day. I thought I was going to die, I was in a food coma. I have not been feeling too hot this past week, there is a nasty flu going around but I feel like im drained. Ive been scared I have mono again, sore throat, super achy, exhausted. But I doubt it! Probably just a bug. I never go home early because I believe in working thorugh it but last night I had to go home and go to bed early.

I love you mom, send the family my love and tell them sorry if they don't get letters. I have ALOT of thank you letters to write to people today. Plus a nappy.  Have a fantastic week!

Love,  Sister Flink
I didn't miss one celebration at "home!"  Mom made sure of that!


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