Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

First night in the MTC.

It's night number 1 here. Today was really...Overwhelming, but great.  I got here and they rushed me straight to get  all my books and stuff. Then we went up to our classroom and met our zone leaders. Oh duh, Before I forget...QUINCY (oops, Sister Mansell) is my companion!!! Best thing Eva! but we are in a trio, so Sister Mansell, Sister Sare and I. Sister Sar is from California, she's super cute.  Shes 21 but looks like she's younger than me.  She's stick skinny and super short. We all got along right from the start, It's good.  Then we went to the opening devotional and I sat next to this really cute little sister and she all the sudden just started bawling, like hysterically weeping, I just wasn't sure what to do..I got a little anxiety about it haha. Today was super rushed but we had an awesome experience with three separate investigators telling us their stories. As a big group of new missionaries we all came together to teach them. They were real investigators, which as pretty sweet. Dinner was good....SALAD. Then we had one more meeting with our Branch President and met all our zone leaders and teachers. It was a long day but I'm not complaining yet.  I seriously have no time to write letters (It's already past my bedtime).

Send everyone my love, and use Dear Elder.

Oh and I have already developed painful blisters on my heels. Ouch, I'll figure it out. I'll write tomorrow. I love you!

All my love,


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