Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy First P-Day!

Family and Friends!!!!! Hi!

I thought this day would never come. Finally I get to write and talk to all of you. I was so over whelmed with all the emails I opened up to find from all of you. Thank you so much, I am so blessed. I will try my hardest to email everyone back one by one but for now I just want to tell you about my first week there in the MTC. 

The MTC is exhausting, and tiring, and overwhelming and crazy. Every second of every day is completely planned. but I LOVE it. The MTC is a powerful place full of the spirit and missionaries that are eager to go do the lords work. I have two companions, yes I am lucky enough to have two! I am in a trio, and unlike one of my BFF's Elder Brown, I absolutely love it. We work well together, we work hard, we laugh, we cry together, and we get up and start again. I am senior companion and the training leader. One of our teachers, Brother Mosley, told us we were the best trio he's seen in a long time with how we can teach together and lift each other up, their names are Sister Mansell and Sister Sare. I actually knew Sister Mansell before I came and I was praying and hoping she would be my companion, and look at that. God answers prayers. We have SO much fun, I love her.

My District is awesome. We have 4 elders and they are all going to Kansas.  They're funny. We've been teaching ALOT and our 3 progressing "investigators" are awesome. The power of missionary work is so real. One investigator in particular named Julie. Julie's husband is super hesitant and doesn't like her meeting with us, but she does because she says "I dont know what it is but I love the way it makes me feel." As we've taught her she has grown so much, yesterday as I extended the invitation for her to be baptized the power of the spirit came on me so profoundly I forgot to take a breath. As Julie sat across from us in silence, she started to weep. Her words her, "I know this is right. I just want to stand up and jump around screaming YES!" As I was shedding tears of my own I giggled and smiled at her, and testified the power of the gospel. That was a beautiful moment. It shows how the gospel will teach us real truth that will burn in our hearts, and once we know the truth we rejoice with happiness. I love it.

The MTC is great, as my dad put it "I am on fire" to go teach the happiness of the gospel.

This will be my only P-day here, and then I leave the 19th which means I will probably be jipped another P-day until the next week. Write me in Missouri and Email me WHENEVER, It makes my day just to hear how you are doing.  I love and cherish every one of you. I will see you in 18!

Love, Sister Flink


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