Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Seeing this Handsome Elder at the MTC was the highlight of Sister Flink's Week!

Every Sunday evening at the MTC they have a devotional!  Sister Flink knew before she left home that she might have the chance to run into Elder Jardine on that Sunday, March 9th 2014.  SHE DID!!   
Monday morning, March 10, From Hayden:
But guess what! I saw Nikki last night finally! We went to main campus for a devotional and I went all around looking for her and we were on our way back to the main building and I saw her walking out! and was like "Sister Flink!!" and  she jumped in the air and shook my hand and started crying haha she didn't let go of my hand and it was like a solid 30 seconds and i didn't know if i should pull my hand away because it was too much contact I didn't know what to do hahaha but yeah it was so great to see her then we took pictures and stuff! but I forgot my camera so they were all on her's and she said she'd email them to you, her pday is Thursday.  She's doing good. She said her first lesson was a mess but who's wasn't. She's the sister training leader in her district which is like district leader but for girls. So that's cool! She's holding up and she has to because another girl is having a really hard time so she's doing good to be an example for her for sure too!
What a great day to see each other before Elder Jardine leave for Mexico on March 17th!



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