Why am I serving the Lord?

Why am I serving the Lord?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 2 in Good Ol' Cameron!

My Dearest Family and Friends! hello!

This week has been great.. lets start off with the most important part...

The Elders that were living in our apartment before us gave us bed bugs. ARE YOU KIDDING. It sure has been an adventure.. we were getting bit all over and our beds were like infested. We had an exterminator come and spray them once we had washed every single piece of clothing and deep cleaned the entire apartment. Here is sister moody's prayer the night the exterminator came "Heavenly father- we are grateful the exterminator man was able to come and get the bed bugs, please PLEASE give them no more life.." We laughed until tears were rolling down our face, we had been up all night and were restless and exhausted. but I think we are good now! We finally got all our clothes back.

We have had lots of success tracting, which doesn't happen every often but Heavenly Father is giving us miracles.

Travis- Travis is a 34 year old single guy. He is so awesome. Travis is fun and we love talking to him, he has a very hard time with the concept of faith, he has many theories and his own questions destroy any concept of faith he could possibly have. We have been working on him, but he is so fun, he likes to test our minds. He is a philosophy major, and he likes try and see us get scared of his questions. but we don't! we have the lord on our side. Travis is playing what we like to call, "Hard to baptize" but we'll get him. "Travis- what would it mean to you if christs true church was here and we had all the answers?" "well, it would mean everything."

Angelica- we tracted into Angelica as well. She is the sweetest little 15 year old youll ever meet. She let us in her house and we were able to teach her all of lesson 1 and set up a return appointment. She is really open and we are excited to teach her more about how much her heavenly father loves her.

Mandy- Mandy is a single young mom with 4 crazy boys. We ran into her on the street actually, as we talked she expressed to us her struggle of finding a job, making ends meet, and difficulty providing for her beautiful little family We asked her if we could share a message with her and she let us in. We focused on heavenly fathers love for her, we taught her about the true gospel restored on the earth and we showed her and Mormon message titled "hope ya know, were having a hard time" With tears in her eyes she basically begged us to come back, we gave her a hug and she promised she'd read the book of Mormon for her and her family. We will go back tomorrow.

I want to touch on something that I have learned is so important since I have been out, member missionaries. The ward out here in Cameron makes all the difference for us, every single member is so gung-ho to help us and to make sure all our investigators and less actives feel so so welcome when they come to church. They always introduce themselves and make our investigators feel welcome and it makes such a difference for us. Its amazing how different it is in Utah, our investigators come in jeans, shoes with holes, smelling like smoke and coffee, and yet our members make sure they know they are exactly where they are supposed to be. Every member a missionary.   We had a dinner appointment as Sister Studyvin's house.  She left us this cute sign!  We loved it!

I love you all so dearly! The church is true, the book is blue, and I love you!! So does your Heavenly Father.  Remember to read, pray, and keep yourself strong.  See you in 18!

Write me,

All my love, Sister Flink


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